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Friday, April 29, 2011


So today is my walk through of the new condo and when I finally get the keys.  Last night my friends came over and we moved almost everything I own into the living room to prep for my movers.  It's so weird seeing your life in boxes and stacks.  One thing I know is that I have enough jeans to dress half of West Hollywood and still have enough to make denim bibs for Branjolina's herd of children.  Also, you can definitely tell I cook when you see the number of boxes that say Kitchen...and none of them contain food.

I've mentioned before that there are days when my horoscope is so spot the point...that it creeps me out. Here was yesterdays:

"You're in the home stretch now, Taurus! Kiss your worries goodbye. Your efforts pay off in spades as people listen to your advice and bend over backward to please you. Although certain details in your love life still need ironing out, it's safe to coast for a while. You've spent months in this process of self-transformation and you deserve a little rest."

What happened yesterday?  I received my promotion, new job title, and 25% raise.  What happens tomorrow?  I'm moving into my new place and will be able to rest and enjoy life and all the boys that it may bring my way.  :-)  What spurred the last few months of my transformation and life changes...the end of an 8 year relationship.  Crazy...I know.   But sometimes you need a stupid random horoscope to remind you to give yourself a break and enjoy the time for yourself. 

Here's to that rest and the fun that I'll have once I get up and running again.  I think I'll take in donuts for my crew today...sugar always gets us going on the right foot.  :-) 

Here's a few nibbles for breakfast...

I LOVE John Cena!  

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