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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Am I wearing a sign?

Did I forget that my shirt said SINGLE in flashing neon?  It's so weird lately how I'm catching glances.  I'm not sure if I was just not seeing them before, or if i'm putting off some pheromone like a cat in the spring.   I was walking through the airport with a friend after having to figure out a flight voucher swap and there was the hottest the man's man hot... in the walkway.  Hot cargo pants, tight olive shirt, shaved head, and a five o'clock shadow.  Built ford tough!  I'm like...this guy is not staring.  So I stared back.  And yes, I got the nod...turned around after I passed him, and got the wink!  If I had been alone, I may have just had the balls to turn around and walk back.  But I was with a friend and just kept going.

Of course, on the train back to work there was another guy...playing with his phone, but glancing every time i turned a bit away.  I was standing at the stop waiting for a train, the train pulled up, and he was lined up with the next car.  Conveniently he tucked around these two other guys and walked over to get into my car.  Smokin hot in a grey pinstripe suit...white shirt...purple tie.  I was wondering why that doesn't happen when I don't have to get somewhere in a timely manner.  What's the best response...wave?  Haha.  I think I have been off the track for too long to respond that well just yet.  Hopefully by the time I figure it out...they'll still be noticing me or my pheromones will still be in full force.  :-)

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