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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

What an intense couple of days ahead!  I just realized that today is my review at work...of course I was the one to schedule it with my supervisor, but at least I'm getting one.  I basically had to say..."It's been two and a half years since I started in this position, I'm doing a job far above my's time for a review and promotion."  Which was followed by, "Yes, we need to do that!".   Which I replied with..."Before May 1st."    So, I am looking forward to that part of today.  :-)  Sometimes you just have to be bold and say what you want when you know you've proven yourself and have the information to back it up.   I've come a long way from being that fat kid on a bus getting made fun of and never saying or doing anything about it!

On top of all of this of course is my move.  My Lesbians are coming over tonight to help me move all my boxes and furniture into one area to save the movers time and save me money.  Since my new place is on the third floor with no elevators, I want to make sure they save a lot of time for there.  I promised beer and pizza and the lesbians were in before I got to pizza.  Of course I had to remind them to leave the uhaul at home...and their cats.  :-)  But considering my lack of a vagina, the uhaul was only slightly in their was the smell of boxes that brought it to their minds.

Friday I have my walk through and get my keys!!  Let's fast forward to then, and then fast forward to Saturday afternoon.  If life were only on Tivo!

Well, I'm about to finish my coffee and get going for work.  The boys are walked, fed, and are in the midst of their morning play time.  If these wet boys don't make you thirsty, I give up.

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