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Friday, April 8, 2011


What a wickedly crazy week at work.  I love crazy days that fly by, but cram 5 in one week and you almost just wanna have a drink in a sippy cup on the way home!  It was enough to make me want to nest a bit tonight, leave happy hour behind and stay home with my dogs and do a bit of relaxing.  Of course, there is plenty of packing to do for my move, but I'm hoping I can fit that in along with some R&R.  I'll have to rally some friends for dancing tomorrow night, just to get it out of my system in case next week proves to be a repeat of this one.

My dogs seem ramped up too and we already did our evening walk.  Let's hope their dinner gives them a reason to curl up and digest the day.  I was feeling overwhelmed with the idea of dividing 8 years of belongings and packing up my half, but after I got a few boxes in last weekend, I almost feel like I don't have that much stuff.  Of course, I haven't tackled the stuff in the basement that I never use...hopefully I can just load it up for thrift store donation truck!  It's all about clearing out and moving on.

I found this picture today and just find it so soulful in a simple, it's for my grindr profile way...and of course I find the subject extremely irresistible.

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