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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Hour

It's Bear Happy friends are bailing...what to do?  Go it alone?  Like shark bait?
Haven't been to this happy hour not sure what to expect.  Not a bear here, but thought it would be at least a fun change of scenery and a different crowd. Maybe find me a Wolf or Otter?  
 It's Friday night....I took a few hours of vacation time to come home and get stuff done so I could enjoy the night.  So, I guess we'll see where it leads me.  
Wish me luck.  - Rin

Update:  Last night was a blast.  I used to go out alone a lot back before my ex and I met...I forgot how freeing it is and what a different experience you get from when you go out with a safety net of friends.
It forces you out of your comfort zone, and you end up meeting amazing people.  Had a blast laughing with new friends.  The crowd was kind and I think I'll be making it out to the event again.
  It's good to test out new scenes and see new faces.  Life is good.  :-) 

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