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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday (Easter) Supper

So, after a long day of traveling from the west back to the east...i'm home.  Relaxing on my couch with my dogs. They had as much fun as I did this weekend by the looks of how tired and exhausted they are.  They spent the weekend with my favorite Rock Star lesbians and of course their three dogs.  I was not worried that the boys would be well cared for, but I was a bit worried the 5 dogs would all get along the entire weekend.  Apparently, they co-existed and did quite well.  And there are tons of pictures to prove it.  They all took a hike through the woods and got to play in the stream.  What fun!   It's so freeing having friends that are willing to take them on and have fun with them like I do.

My weekend was amazing.  I know I use that word too much, but I'm just having a string of great times.  My friends from SoCal are the kind that you couldn't wish for if you had all the wishes in the world. They're the friends that you would take in if they needed a place to stay and the kind that would do the same for you without evening thinking about it.  I love that we can go weeks not hanging out, on different ends of the country, and then in an instant start up again with the laughs, fun, and like we haven't even missed a beat.
I love that I can just hang out with them, no schedule, no need to see and do anything specific, and yet the time together means so much...and the vacation seems so rewarding to the deepest part of my soul.  

I'm back and with a week of work between me and my new condo, it will fly!  I'm beyond excited to get settled there and hope that I can accomplish all of my "to do's" before the move.  Wish Me Luck!

I'll do my best to keep up with my notes here...and will surely need a good distraction from wrapping plates, and taping boxes.

Happy Easter!

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