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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Had a great second date last night with ice cream guy.  We met up with a few of his friends and my lesbians at a bar for Drag Bingo.  Enjoyed dinner and a few beers and lots of laughs.  It's always good to have a potential boy meet your's actually imperative.  Of course I'll take this opportunity to note that my lesbians are hip, beautiful, and they just play rock!  They're one of the main reasons I chose to stick around and not flee to the west coast when my relationship began to crumble.

Anywho...I won bingo!  Unfortunately the prize pool wasn't anything like the local vfw...but i did get a cheesy lava lamp to get out for parties.  Of course it looks like a lit heated but plug, but we'll just avoid mentioning that at parties.  Yesterday was a stressful day at work as I had to relieve someone from their job due to repeat performance issues and poor attendance/timeliness.  No matter how obviously necessary it is to let someone go, it's never easy.  Actually the worst part of any job I've ever had.  But it's a professional responsibility I'm willing to accept as a means to build the business and guarantee success for my employers, my staff, and myself.

Today's horoscope a good it'll be a great day!  And I'm off to San Diego tomorrow morning so it'll just keep getting better!  

P.S. - Ice cream guy is an amazing kisser.  :-)  Had a lovely little make-out session when he dropped me off at home.  I felt like a 16 year old making out when his parents are inside sleeping.  So looking forward to the freedom of my own place and my new life.  Good kissing is just so refreshing for the soul!

Ok, here's a little nod to the shaved/buzzed humps that make me stop dead in my a shaved head!!!

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