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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's a date

So, as I rediscover what being "single" means these days, I realize that you just have to take a chance every once in a while.  If it doesn't work out, at least you tried.  The last time I was single cell phones were only used for calling people...hook ups went through or aol instant messenger...and there was no   God that makes me feel old saying that, but it was an 8 year relationship.

Now there's Grindr on my iphone to distract me on lunch breaks.  So, it's a whole new game these days huh?  Well, I've actually made a few new friends to go out for happy hour with and just chat about the local happenings.  Of course most of the ones I actually seem to click with have a bf...which makes me wonder why anyone with a bf that was the right guy would be on Grindr in the first place.  If I had a man to entertain, I can guarantee you he wouldn't be choosing an app over any of my moves!

Anywho...todays adventure was a coffee date.  It was easy conversation and he was quite the gentleman, but just no click factor for me.  But I'm glad I went...for the free coffee of course!  No, for realz.......for the coffee.  Have I mentioned I like coffee?   But next time it may be a click...and i'll get coffee and a dinner date?  Keeping my fingers crossed.   For now i'll plan on adventuring out this weekend and having some good ol' fashion gay bar fun.  Looking forward to getting settled into my new place in a few weeks to have even more freedom to entertain and enjoy life.  Only two more days til the weekend!

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