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Friday, April 15, 2011


Had a beautiful cool morning walk with my dogs this morning as the sun rose.  Best part...I had my flip flops on. I'm a guy who really can't stand wearing shoes.  Not sure if it's from living in Southern California for so long or if it's just me, but living in the north east has made it difficult spending as much time in my flip flops as I'd like.  So now that spring is around and it's warming up, my feet are happy.

I'm headed into work early today so that I can get back home and spend time with my boys before Happy Hour.  :-)  It's definitely a needed addition to the weeks plans.  It's been a great week, but busy and I need some time in a sea of men.  Hoping to meet up with some new friends there tonight and as always meet some more.  Two weeks from now I'll be picking up my keys to the new condo and spending one last restless night in my house with the ex.  Another reason I have to celebrate tonight:  I scored movers!  Considering I'm on the 3rd floor with no elevator, I'm very happy to have two (hopefully hot) guys getting me set up so I can use my time and energy to unpack and have myself somewhat put together before the start of May.

Here's to a great day for everyone!  And a little rainbow of beautiful bois to get you started...

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