blog advertising is good for you Men-O-Night: October 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Funday

Woke up with my man curled up next to way to wake up fur sure!  Of course we were hit with an ungodly early snowfall yesterday.  Luckily it mostly melted after hitting the ground.  It was even cold enough last evening that we broke out the dog's coats for the evening walk.  No they are not covered in Swarovski crystals.  They are utilitarian and yet remain adorable when the boys are out and about in them.  We rented "Paul" last evening...cute...not as good as the other movies by the same guys, but still had some good parts.  I of course adore Kristen Wiig!  She kinda stole a few scenes, which I had no problem with at all.  We wanted to get "Bridesmaids" but Redbox blew that plan, so at least she was in "Paul" and I wasn't totally disappointed.

Today Mr. is working...I'm just feeling really campy around the house.  I pulled up some extra paints from my storage room in the basement so I may get one of my new projects rolling.  I do have to pop out for some final elements to my costume for work...yes, we dress up at work.  I also am making chicken and dumplings for our potluck tomorrow.  I think i'll get everything cooked and just assemble it in the crock pot tomorrow morning.  The cold weather makes me want to bake and simmer shit til I can't stand it any more.  Weird how we're programmed to feel like that...the cave has a chill, we must make more food!

Anywho...must get rolling.  I figured some meat below would be a healthy way to start the day of cooking and what not.  - Rin

Saturday, October 29, 2011

If Only This Were True!

Furrost! Already?

They're already calling for snow...well, hopefully flurries only, but already?!?!  It seems we now just have two seasons...summer and winter.  We had insane heat in early spring, and now we're busting right through my favorite season, and one thing that keeps me from completely missing my west coast beach life, and it just is gone in a blink.  I drove to work yesterday with my seat warmers on high...and I never do that cuz it makes me feel like I pooped myself.  No one likes to question whether they pooped themselves on the way to work, so I typically go right to low and just leave it at that.  But yesterday felt like jack frost slapped me in the face when I got into my truck.  

Not sure what the weekend will bring.  I do know I desperately need to go grocery shopping.  I usually am on such a good regular schedule with stocking food, but lately I've just had no desire to go, and last week I didn't want to stock food and have it go to waste while I was on vacay.  So, i'm down to bare bones and feeling a bit like Old Mother Hubbard.  My dogs are eating great though. Luckily Mr. treated me to dinner last night after work so we had some time to unwind together.  I think I may be fighting off the tip of a cold that has been circling my office...and I will beat this thing before I start showing more symptoms then a random sneeze and a foggy head in the morning.  Another reason I must motivate myself to get to the store...Emergen-C to the rescue.  

In the meantime, grow your chest hair out, or if that's not an option, find a fuzzy man to curl up with and prepare for winter, because she's a coming! - Rin 

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Back & TGIF

So, I have been on the quiet side since my vacay ended on Wednesday.  I had an amazing time.  We just enjoyed each others company and loved time out of town.  The beach was quiet and gorgeous, and just cool enough to wear a hoodie and walk the sand looking for shells with a coffee...I love that! Falling in love more every day.  Luckily, so is we're all good in the hood on that front!  We shared more childhood stories, grandparent stories, and barely stopped laughing the entire time.  So, it was a winning time off and it definitely will be the first of many trips down to my parents beach house.  While it was a surprise right up until the day of, when his brother asked me a bit too loudly from across the room whether the house was right on the beach or not...blurgh!  He was still excited.  

My return to work was not so joyful on the other hand.  I'm trying not to let it weigh me down a second day in a row, but it is taking some bounce out of my step.  The douchebag owner apparently negated the other owners commitment to include me in the teams bonus program, despite the fact that my job is completely focused on increasing business and facilitating the teams ability to do their jobs and ultimately bonus.  I could essentially blow their ability to bonus by not scheduling them effectively, not sending them home early on slow days, managing inventory poorly, not following up on customer needs, etc.  So, that was a blow considering it was a written offer with my last review and raise.  All I get are excuses based on previous and upcoming scheduled court dates revolving around the continued battle over the business.  Leaving me stuck in the mud right in the middle of the shit swamp.  I basically let my good boss know that in an effort to maintain my sanity and not bank my future on empty commitments that are never kept, I was actively seeking other employment opportunities...and while I hoped I could outlast the trial and see the day that douchebag actually no longer has any involvement, I couldn't rest my future on the hope that it will actually ever happen.

So, I came home, and blew up the web with my resume.  I'm just drained emotionally from the entire ordeal.  I'm fairly certain not many people, if anyone, have had to sit on a court witness stand and testify against a former employer, and then have that employer back at the office the next day and working as if nothing happened for 3 months while the courts decided which boss should get the business and how to divide it.  I've just kept working my best to build and grow the business, and in the last quarter we blew plan away by almost 25% above plan.  So the last thing I needed to return to after all that's gone on is finding out that no one is batting for me, no one pushed to ensure that i didn't get screwed out of a bonus program that was in writing and very clear cut in how it should be calculated based on our % above plan.

  So, I'm done batting essentially.  I'm doing my job, but not burning myself out. Finished early, so i left early today. If I move on to something bigger and better before resolution happens, then that's what's meant to be.  If i do my job while I'm there, and leave it at the door when it's time to go, and have the joy of seeing douchebag empty out his desk and walk away, then great.  Either way I have to trust that I will end up where I'm supposed to end up.  I just cant go to sleep thinking that I have no pies in the fire so to speak out in the job world.  So, Mr. came over after my shitastic day yesterday, and all the bs just rolled right off my back the minute he walked in the door.  Having his support through all this has been so beneficial.  I love his take on things and his ability to refocus me on what's important.  I trust that we'll both find positions or create them where we can focus on building more time together and making way for even bigger and better vacations.  

So, that's where I am now.  Walked my boys in the crisp air, unwinding from today, and on my way out to meet Mr. for dinner.  I hope everyone's weeks were as amazing as my vacay, and not nearly as shitty as my Thursday. Peace etc. - Rin

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chest Mate

Today was one of those days where I just was about getting stuff done that needs done.  Not about taking in every moment like I try other days...just about checking it off the list of must do's.  After two trips up and down to the basement trying to score the laundry machines I finally got my stuff started. Gave me time to clean up a bit around my place and get the boys out on the trail.  Loving sweatshirt season!!!  I wish it was longer and coat season was much shorter.  Also, I don't mind loading the dishwasher, but emptying it is such a pain.  Maybe because when I'm loading it i'm most satisfied by the meal or beverage I've just enjoyed...and when I'm emptying it i'm pretty much not.  Maybe that's why.

Anywho...woke up this morning with Mr. and enjoyed some coffee before he headed off to work.  Tomorrow is the big day I meet his parents.  Luckily it's his nephews birthday party so they'll be plenty of activity and distractions.  Hoping it goes well and I don't let my nerves get the best of me.  But at least there will be cake!  Then we'll be off on our mini vacay....a few days of sleeping in and just enjoying each others company.   A bit of sightseeing...good food...donuts (a vacation must for me since I've deprived myself of them for the rest of the time)...and so on.  Really excited.  

My boys are snoring on their couch and completely out of it.  I can't wait til they do this when Mr. is over.  I think they just get so excited that they can't completely settle...especially my young one.  He gets himself so worked up he just gets a bit batty...annoying to be honest.  But I think the more Mr. comes over the more he'll chill out like he does when it's just me.  At least that's the plan.  Otherwise we're all gonna be on xanax.  :-) 

Ok, these guys just jumped out at me as being pretty blessed in the chest.  Huggable huh?  
Hoping the weekend is treating everyone well - Rin 

Sweet Saturday

Projects, chores, and the gym.  Off to get it all started.  :-)  Gotta have shit together before I bust outta town for a few days.  Disappearing isn't always easy.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Not so Serious Friday

In 9 hours I'll be on vacation time...yayyy!  Until then I must down my coffee and get a shower for work.  At least I get to wear jeans.  In other news, I'm sad to report that it may be nearing that time when I must tuck my flip flop collection into the closet.  I was smart enough this morning not to wear them on my dog walk, and considering I could have been fine with gloves on too, that was a wise choice.  I always resist putting them away, but when they're out it's just too easy to ignore the signs that it's cold out and slip them on anyway.  It's just a part of living where there is more than one season.

Ok, enjoy the smiles on these hotties...i'm off to work.  - Rin

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Bed & Rambling

Today I had to exercise real tolerance in the face of pure douchebaggery.  My good boss is out of town for business over the next few days, so that means Psycho boss gets that much more psycho.  He was looming in the lobby area today and would just stop and stare at the front desk where one of my front desk staff and I were working.  His priority for the week, decorating the office for Halloween.  Of course it's not repairing the ceiling that was damaged when the upstairs bathroom floor's definitely not sitting down and putting our sales numbers into the bonus calculations so the staff know how much their quarterly bonuses will be (something I've already done on my own, but I'm keeping my real numbers to myself to see how much he's been slicing off the top for himself over the years).  I just don't understand how a court case between two small business owners can go on longer than it takes for two airline giants...or two megabanks to merge into one.  I think it's painfully clear to me now that I may not outlive the bullshit that is Psycho boss and I may just have to cut my losses and move on.  I never like walking away from something that feels so unfinished...but for sheer sanity, I'm beginning to think I have no other choice.  Blurgh.  

On better news...Mr. and I had a lovely evening last night.  Just some pure and simple couch time chatting about life, plans, and inspiration.  Never a moment without a laugh and a genuine kiss.  I am madly in love for the first time in my life.  The real deal.  No fear...all out love.  It's amazing how much time I've spent on what I thought love was...not that I feel that was wasted time, just merely a learning point to have a comparison to.  You have to step on a few loose rocks when you cross the stream, before you step on one that you really feel safe on...the one that will really help you get across the water.  I'm grateful for those lessons, and very grateful I was aware enough to be open to what's become such a great gift in my life.  Now...getting all the other pieces to support the same amount of stability I feel in my  love life would be just peachy.  Isn't that what we do everyday...just try to get all our puzzles in one have all the pieces fit together...without having to force one, or fill in the gaps with puzzle putty. Just a smooth solid piece...all working to make a picture worth framing.  It sounds so much easier in print than it is in actual time and space.  Gah...lifes a bitch ain't it.  

Tomorrow is my last day before I am off for a solid 5 days.  First time in a long time!  then just a few short weeks before Thanksgiving...when I get another 5 days off.  Maybe the new year will bring a new career. If I could write for a living that would be amazing.  How do people get jobs like those.  Restaurant critic jobs...Club promoters...Travel Journalists...a job that I could wake up, have a cup of coffee, sit on my patio with my dogs, and make money.  Sign me up for that last one stat!   When my friends hear my stories they're always commenting on the crazy shit I've done and how many lives it seems I've lived.  I honestly think I'm just starting.  I feel deep down that I'm just barely scratching the surface, which is why I never can get too deeply rooted in one particular career path, because then I'd be too committed and "all in" so to speak that I'd miss the point where I should fold that hand and find the next one to bet it all on.  Am I at that point again in my life?  Is the next adventure the big one?  All I know is that I've got an amazing man to share my ideas and who is so full of creative fire that I'm sure to be sparked into something inspirational.  I've just got to convince myself that I'm worth it and that I'm not afraid fall on the way.  

Sweet dreams - Rin 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

Today has been a long one.  Up at 5am to get into work early.  I have someone out for her honeymoon, so I'm covering and doing double duty.  Makes the week feel longer than it already is.  Just keeping my mind on the fact that as of Friday afternoon I'm on vacation for 5 days.  Taking Mr. out of town for a bit of us time...and really looking forward to it. Plans were almost dashed by his work because one of his employees is out and not sure when she'll be back, but today we got the green light there on his time off.

Got out on the trail for a run tonight after I walked my boys and took a little nap.  I figure I'll be forced to work out in the gym pretty soon, so I may as well take advantage of the chance to run outside.  Beautiful night run on the wooded trail and then I looped around and ran home on the bike trail.  Came home and made dinner, enjoyed some hulu, and chilled with my kids.  Last year I really got into the UK version of Skins.  I've been so disconnected from tv that I had no idea the third season was already out and available online.  So I of course had to start that up again.

I was a bit spoiled having Mr. around all weekend and now I'm feeling a bit out of withdrawal I guess.  With our work schedules this week it'll be a squeeze to get in much time to see each other...I think we're both just going to jog into the weekend.  Possible Zombie run on Saturday night could be a interesting experience.  We'll see if I can be coaxed into going all out and participating.

Anywho, I must tuck in and get some real sleep.  Last night was all tossing and turning.
Sleep Well...Dream Big.  - Rin