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Monday, May 2, 2011

Officially Starting Fresh!

I feel like it's been ions since my last post...but it was just Friday. :-)
It's been a crazy packed three days! My move went off without a hitch. Two HOT chocolate men were my movers and they were really cool and great to work with. They said I was the most organized person they've ever moved. I think that's a compliment...but it may be proof of my OCD/ADHD killer combo. At least I know how to channel it into something productive.

I moved in...made the hike up the three flights a zillion times...napped...had a beer and dinner...and went dancing to celebrate. My boys stayed at my old place for the night so that I could have a full day to acclimate them to my new place. The club was packed! Ran into some friends along with a great college friend that I haven't seen in 12 years. So fun to be back in a club with him...we were club friends back in the day! Ended up at home at 4am...made the mistake of chatting w a guy I've talked to a few times and before I realized it he was curled up next to me in my bed. Nothing like breaking in the new place the very first night. He was a hot little guy. I usually am attracted to tall built guys...but this one and I just clicked. Nothing like finding a bottom that knows what he's doing and who's willing to stay up all night proving it.

He was sweet, funny,pierced, tattooed, and fine! I originally declined his offer to come over and snuggle...then I thought of how nice it would be to wake up with a guy my first morning. Of course you have to sleep to wake up...and we didn't do a whole lot of sleeping. but it was perfect. And he's already asked for a second sleepover...I agreed of course!

I'm internetless and it's driving me a bit crazy. Thank god for my IPhone! But until the inernets up at my new pad my pics and posts may be a bit less visually appealing. But keep reading. I'll keep sharing! Lots of love and hopefully peace in the world today! Go out and soak up as much life as you can...and laugh the day away!

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