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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Back!

The weekend was everything I needed it to be!  Relaxing, reaffirming, and filled with laughs with great friends.  While I'm confident I'll be living back in southern california in the future, I realize that right now I need to be here.  I realize that being here and getting through this stage of my life is important.  Making this many changes, on top of a huge move would have been overwhelming.  Also, I feel like for some reason I needed to prove to myself that it wasn't my inability to be happy here that was holding me was being trapped in a relationship that was absorbing so much that I wasn't able to focus on ensuring that I was happy.  You can't fix everything with love and good food.

I'm relieved with my upcoming move...none of the normal stress that comes with packing, purging, and planning. Just pure excitement in the possibilities that lie ahead.  I can visualize how free and rewarding this new start will be for me and my dogs.  They're not showing any signs of stress or anxiety despite the boxes and chaos that the house is in.  It shows me that they too are ready for the move and the consistency and focus that we'll be able to regain.  It's almost as if this bump in my life that was so painful and jarring at first, through me into the lane that I was supposed to be in a long time ago.  I'm just catching up and enjoying every minute of it...and the boys that come along too of course.

After a long day of travel on Sunday...I came home and was still on west coast time.  Awake and not ready to give up on the day.  I've been texting and chatting with a guy that I just haven't had a chance to meet up with when he texted me after I got home and wished me a happy easter, I threw out my inhibitions and invited him over for tv and lounge time.  I was excited when he accepted the invite and even more delighted that he was adorable and a great cuddler.  We laughed and made fun of cake shows til 3am and then curled up in bed and went to sleep.  It was nice to just have a little spoon in bed to wrap my arm around.  He was sweet and shy and smelled divine.

Here's some beautiful backsides to celebrate the day with.

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