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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Brunch

Up early on a Sunday...dogs are walked...even had time to do some packing.  :-)  I think moving in spring is just a great natural pairing.  I'd already be cleaning and purging closets and changing bedding, so why not just do it and get myself into a new place with a new life?  My dogs were definitely sensing the upcoming change, but over the last two weeks have settled in and I think they're going to transition well.  It of course helps that my ex has been slowly removing himself from our life over the last year and a half...and just avoiding the house all together over the last three months.  I guess that makes it easier for me too...but of course, my dogs are first on my mind. I'm a parent after all.   As long as they don't mind not having a yard, and they don't decide jumping off the rooftop deck is a fun change of pace...but I'll be monitoring them closely.  They're well trained and will thrive with the consistency of our new life. As I'm sure I will too.

I'm on my way out to brunch with a great friend so I'm excited for good times and a few mimosas I'm sure.  I think brunch is a brilliant idea!  It's like a breakfast party...with lunch food as an option.  At least when you're gay it is.

Enjoy your Sunday!  Cheers!

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