blog advertising is good for you Men-O-Night: May 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WTF happened to May?

So time is seriously going so fast!!! I can't even believe we're mere weeks fron halfway through the year! I'm a year older since my last post...and hopefully getting wiser. My Birthday brought sone great ups and the days that followed just a bit of stress and a few downs. But damn are we on an upswing! I had a few dinner and or dessert dates in the last few weeks. Just good old fashioned talking over food and babies kinda thing. No random Hookups or sexcapades to share...sorry! But when someone offers a dinner date, who am I to say no? While the first 3 guys were kind, cute, and we shared good conversation...Bachelor #4 blew me away. We've been talking daily...and throughout each day since that first date. We even went to the gym together...I know, how gay.

I'm trying not to and "f" this one up because there's something there between u's that's very different than anything I've ever felt...including my last relationship if almost 8 yrs. I think part of it is that we're both in that moment of life where we realize the waste of time that not being open and just honest w your emotions and feelings is. I love that he speaks his mind and texts me w/o worrying if it's "his turn". I love that he had no problem kissing me when I dropped him off at work. I love that he is open enough to tell me he talked to his mom about me. I told him that in the past it was these type of little things that were so lacking in my relationships. The unfiltered honesty and truly sincere kindness. I've always fallen into relationships where I tend to be the farmer 100% of the time...and he has already proven his natural willingness to share the role and give more balance to the time we spend together or on the phone.'s to hoping this is all gonna keep going and you'll get to hear more about this Mr Man. ;-)

Posting pics still sucks from my phone...but here's a few to snack on.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'M still Here!!!

It's been too long I know! This no Internet at home is a bitch. I'm trying to get a handle on my first month here and on my own before I add anything else to the expense list. And if life wasn't as crazy as itis, I'd take tim to pop into Sbucks and get it done. Life is nuts...but in such a good way. Just experiencing an entirely new way of seeing the world and taking in each moment as if that's the pivotal time that going to shape my future. Ever chance encounter, every passing opportunity...grabbed and pulled in to catch every last breath and taste.

It's a freedom I can't even begin to explain. It's as if the last few years being trapped in a loveless and one sided relationship slipped me into a cave and I'm just now breathing the fresh air of survival and escape! I want this to be go on through each year that I'm blessed to live through. Of course tomorrow I celebrate another passing birthday and another opportunity to see where this crazy collection of experiences has brought me to. I'm obviously pretty thrilled at what lies ahead! I need to figure out how to get more ads and a donation button on here so I can expedite my internet hookup and get back to sharing each moment that has me so elated...and there have been a lot that are worth sharing! For now I'm on my phone and you'll have to deal with the typos that thumbs create. :-) chow for now.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

No turbulence!

So, Tuesday I finally had lunch with my pilot. I told my work crew I was stepping out for a quick meeting and would be back in a jiffy. Well, lunch was great...and 2.5 hours later my entire staff was asking why I was grinning and glowing. We had to meet for lunch before he had to start his 2 day trip, so he was in his pilot pants but wore a cute polo to avoid the full monkey suit as he calls it. I'm still trying not to get lost in the excitement, but he's making hard not to. We have a lot of the sane goals and interests, and he earned major points when he said he'd love to move to San Diego!

We texted after lunch and as he's done each trip since we first met, he let's me know when he lands and where he's headed next. I love that. It let's me have two seconds of jumping there with him and breaks up my day. Yesterday was pure madness at work, one of those days where the ball just starts rolling faster than anyone can keep up with. Miami boy had mentioned possibly hanging out after work, and I just was having a day that made me think I'd just need the night to myself. I got home and took my fogs for a walk and was just trying to decide if company would help or just complicate my mood.

Of course that's when pilot texted that he was down the road...doing some shopping. We chatted a bit and finally I threw out the idea od dinner in and a movie on the couch. He said he was hoping I'd suggest that. :-) dinner was fab, movie was funny, kissing him was amazing. He's a keeper! We made out, talked, made out. He's charming, passionate, and very stylish. But in the...I'm not trying sense which I find really sexy. So, I'm gonna keep my hopes up...keep being honest and open with him and my feelings, and keep enjoying lifes little wonders.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Internet-less in Mi Casa.

So, I may just try and fit a few work sessions in at the local Starbucks because I miss getting to update this as much as I used to. I'm a week ir two away from getting my internet set up...but I may push that up a bit because without cable and internet...I feel like Sarah Plain and Tall up in hur! Although my waist and my dogs are benefitting since I'm going on two or three 4 mile hikes a day. So that's a bonus I guess.

It's been a great first week in my new place. I honestly feel like ive lived here much just feels right. I met a guy last weekend and we've spent four nights together already. To be honest he is so different than anyone I've ever dated or considered dating. He's short for one thing. Lol...and very Miami. But he's super stylish, witty, and great at cuddling...among other things. While both of our lives are a bit hectic...I think we're just enjoying the company and fun of it all. We'll see where this all takes me.

In other news: my first day here I met my downstairs neighbor. Stretching out front after his run. I was like, "hot latin boy, why are you stretching?". LoL. Of course he continued stretching our entire conversation. Very chatty that one! We've hung out a few times just to chit chat. Ran into him at happy hour on Friday. Had breakfast w him on Saturday morning. While he's hot and nice...I think we'll be friends. I'm taking the advice of a dr. at work and not mixing love and neighbors! Of course boy talk doesn't end there. I met a cute guy in passin last week and we've been texting ever since. Tried to get together sat night but we both had prior commitments we felt bad bailing on. He's a pilot (breathe, breathe) and hot! So sweet and if we have the same sparks we do at our next meeting he may be a keeper. I'm really trying to not create some ideal situation that will be impossible to I'm just enjoying keeping in touch with him while he's popping around on his plane. We're hoping for dinner or drinks tomorrow when he settles back down for a day or two. But I'll keep you posted!

Cheers to a great week and thanks for sticking with me through the Internet-less times. - Rin

Monday, May 2, 2011

Officially Starting Fresh!

I feel like it's been ions since my last post...but it was just Friday. :-)
It's been a crazy packed three days! My move went off without a hitch. Two HOT chocolate men were my movers and they were really cool and great to work with. They said I was the most organized person they've ever moved. I think that's a compliment...but it may be proof of my OCD/ADHD killer combo. At least I know how to channel it into something productive.

I moved in...made the hike up the three flights a zillion times...napped...had a beer and dinner...and went dancing to celebrate. My boys stayed at my old place for the night so that I could have a full day to acclimate them to my new place. The club was packed! Ran into some friends along with a great college friend that I haven't seen in 12 years. So fun to be back in a club with him...we were club friends back in the day! Ended up at home at 4am...made the mistake of chatting w a guy I've talked to a few times and before I realized it he was curled up next to me in my bed. Nothing like breaking in the new place the very first night. He was a hot little guy. I usually am attracted to tall built guys...but this one and I just clicked. Nothing like finding a bottom that knows what he's doing and who's willing to stay up all night proving it.

He was sweet, funny,pierced, tattooed, and fine! I originally declined his offer to come over and snuggle...then I thought of how nice it would be to wake up with a guy my first morning. Of course you have to sleep to wake up...and we didn't do a whole lot of sleeping. but it was perfect. And he's already asked for a second sleepover...I agreed of course!

I'm internetless and it's driving me a bit crazy. Thank god for my IPhone! But until the inernets up at my new pad my pics and posts may be a bit less visually appealing. But keep reading. I'll keep sharing! Lots of love and hopefully peace in the world today! Go out and soak up as much life as you can...and laugh the day away!