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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday MAdNess!

Spring has sprung like my cock in a crowded gay bar on gym night!   The warmer weather makes me feel more alive and ready for adventure!  This is why I was so much trouble when I lived in Southern California...I never had the winter to cool me off!  :-)   At least we're getting into the summer and my life is starting to settle into to a great track.  New amazing condo is scored, new 5 minute commute is on the way, and life is just looking up these days.  Coming from the depths of confusion and a complete feeling of loss and insecurity, it's amazing what 3 months can do for a person.  Three months and an amazing collection of friends, neighbors, and family members who truly stood up and pulled me out of the trenches.  While I know I still have a lot of soul searching to do before the pain of the end of an 8 year relationship is truly least I see the way out and I know that the path is clear and ready to be discovered.  

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