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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Daze

Had a great day yesterday! Took a half day at work and went shopping w a coworker. I'm down 4 inches in the last two months! Relationship baggage is flying off like witches in oz. Then spent some quality Time with my boys and hit up happy hour. I was flying solo again but found some people that I met the last time so I had a good group to mingle with. Lots of boys out lastnight now that the weathers getting warmer. Chatted with the most adorable bartender and had some late night eats with a friend.

I ran into a neighbor of mine and he has my same sense of humor so I think we'll be hanging out soon. Of course he's cute and partnered...but cute friends are always welcomed! I laid low today and enjoyed some down time with the rain beating down outside. It was nice to just chill and not think about the growing to do list.

Headed out to dinner and a movie with a girlfriend. Have to pop into the office in the motning and continue my moving prep.

Happy Saturday!

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