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Monday, April 18, 2011

MANdatory Mondays

Brisk morning walk with my boys gave me the clarity to realize that I just spent my last weekend in the house I share with my ex.  Eight years later and it comes down to counting the days.  My move is less than two weeks away and I'll be heading to Southern California for a wedding on Thursday and enjoying the weekend there.  Then I'll be coming back and in a mad rush of final moving prep.  So, I'll be enjoying the calm before the storm the next few days.

I feel emotionally and almost physically ready for the move.  I think my boys are ready and they seem to not be stressing anymore and have settled in to seeing boxes and packing.  They're so intuitive and I do everything I can to reduce the stress that I'm sure they're going to go through with the changes about to happen.  While I have attacked my own emotions head on, keeping my thoughts on them helps me stay focused on all the positive changes that are ahead.

I have a date tonight so I'm going to get to work early so I can come home and change and get myself looking good.  Hoping for a nice relaxing date and good conversation.  He's pretty damn cute too.

Here's to a good Monday and an even better week.

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