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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yes Man

Obviously, in the midst of major life change you take a bit more time to step out of your situation and review how you're adjusting and making the most of everything.  So, this is more of a reflection of what I've been doing to make lemonade out of the bushel of lemons I was handed a few months ago.  I've just been saying yes to things that I may have found excuses or reasons to say no to in the past.  I realize that I have naturally switched from over thinking each choice, to saying yes.  

It's about making sure I'm open and available for the gifts that life is offering.  Whether it's an afternoon walk with co-workers, drinks with a new guy, or in last night's case a late evening skype chat.  :-)   Something that previously I would have never even considered being self conscious and too nervous to let someone in.  But last night, I said yes.  Hot guy, kind, funny, and very entertaining.  For obvious reasons I won't go into all the details, but it was a fun!  If you want a more detailed report, email me.  :-)  

So, todays Yes's...dinner date after work with a guy I met in passing last weekend...tomorrows...happy hour with new friends and hopefully the guy from last night's chat.  :-)  Keep your fingers crossed because he is pretty dreamy.  

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