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Monday, April 11, 2011

MANdatory Monday

I hope everyone's been having as good of a Monday as me.  Actually, I'm on a string of great Mondays, which is rare in my historical archives of patterns.  It was so warm and delightful out today that almost my entire work crew joined in on my lunchtime walk to the bank which ended up getting extended even more than I usually do when I'm trying to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible in the work day.  Last summer a coworker and I started a tradition of leaving the office for an afternoon stroll on our downtime...and I think we have a much larger crew for this summer.  We're like a hip mall walkers club, without the blue hair, sweatpants, and mall!

And luckily we work in a very good area for manhunting!  My girls were watching out for me too.  :-)  It's a such a treat on a nice day to see the men out and about in their suits, gym shorts, and tank tops.  The diversity is just perfect.  I'd like one of each please!

The dogs had a great walk, wore them out in the heat!  They're passed out and I'm just doing my thing.  I put up a dresser online for sale last night...had 56 emails this morning.  I see why people use the site for prostitution!   I was like, "Damn, should have priced it higher!"  But i'm just glad to start seeing blank space in here.  The lady said she's on her way, but if she's not here soon, it's going to the next in line.

Until they show, i'll be enjoying a few of these. :-)

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