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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

Today has been a long one.  Up at 5am to get into work early.  I have someone out for her honeymoon, so I'm covering and doing double duty.  Makes the week feel longer than it already is.  Just keeping my mind on the fact that as of Friday afternoon I'm on vacation for 5 days.  Taking Mr. out of town for a bit of us time...and really looking forward to it. Plans were almost dashed by his work because one of his employees is out and not sure when she'll be back, but today we got the green light there on his time off.

Got out on the trail for a run tonight after I walked my boys and took a little nap.  I figure I'll be forced to work out in the gym pretty soon, so I may as well take advantage of the chance to run outside.  Beautiful night run on the wooded trail and then I looped around and ran home on the bike trail.  Came home and made dinner, enjoyed some hulu, and chilled with my kids.  Last year I really got into the UK version of Skins.  I've been so disconnected from tv that I had no idea the third season was already out and available online.  So I of course had to start that up again.

I was a bit spoiled having Mr. around all weekend and now I'm feeling a bit out of withdrawal I guess.  With our work schedules this week it'll be a squeeze to get in much time to see each other...I think we're both just going to jog into the weekend.  Possible Zombie run on Saturday night could be a interesting experience.  We'll see if I can be coaxed into going all out and participating.

Anywho, I must tuck in and get some real sleep.  Last night was all tossing and turning.
Sleep Well...Dream Big.  - Rin

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