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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Night Lights

Just had the chance to talk to Mr. on the phone.  He's off with family enjoying his Birthday Vacay and we've been chatting via text since he left yesterday afternoon, but it was great to hear his voice.  It's been quiet around here and as cheesy as it may be...I miss him already.  Le Sigh. was a good day none the less.  I got to have a late breakfast with a friend at my fave diner and hit up Homo Depot for some new house plants.  Feeling like getting some new life into my condo and since I'm already parenting two massive dogs and have an amazing boy friend...plants were my best option.  As usual...i picked, replaced, and repicked plants for an hour.  I think i'm pretty happy with my selections, and they all fit the spots I was hoping to fill...with the exception of the spot in my bathroom...the plant was too tall for where I wanted it.  At least I have a reason to go back and pick another one.

Made  it to the gym this afternoon.  They close at 5 on Sundays...which always frustrated me, but at least it means I have to get there before I'm too sleepy and my will to leave the house fades.  I had thought about doing a really long run this weekend, but yesterday I ran 3 miles before lifting...and today my legs were not feeling like a long run would be a good idea.  So I did 6 miles and then added some other stuff since I went down on my goal.  My adjusted plan is to slowly ramp up again after I do a spin class tomorrow night.  The instructor I see killing his class when I'm getting off the treadmill is finally teaching a class that I can make.  Figure I need to keep things interesting and not get stuck in the cardio rut of the treadmill even if I'm working on a distance goal.

Ok, my eyes are getting heavy and my boys are gonna be up early I can feel it.  Another cold morning walk will get me started for an early day at the office.  Already looking forward to Wednesday when Mr. gets back.

Sleep well and hug often!  - Rin

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