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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Furrost! Already?

They're already calling for snow...well, hopefully flurries only, but already?!?!  It seems we now just have two seasons...summer and winter.  We had insane heat in early spring, and now we're busting right through my favorite season, and one thing that keeps me from completely missing my west coast beach life, and it just is gone in a blink.  I drove to work yesterday with my seat warmers on high...and I never do that cuz it makes me feel like I pooped myself.  No one likes to question whether they pooped themselves on the way to work, so I typically go right to low and just leave it at that.  But yesterday felt like jack frost slapped me in the face when I got into my truck.  

Not sure what the weekend will bring.  I do know I desperately need to go grocery shopping.  I usually am on such a good regular schedule with stocking food, but lately I've just had no desire to go, and last week I didn't want to stock food and have it go to waste while I was on vacay.  So, i'm down to bare bones and feeling a bit like Old Mother Hubbard.  My dogs are eating great though. Luckily Mr. treated me to dinner last night after work so we had some time to unwind together.  I think I may be fighting off the tip of a cold that has been circling my office...and I will beat this thing before I start showing more symptoms then a random sneeze and a foggy head in the morning.  Another reason I must motivate myself to get to the store...Emergen-C to the rescue.  

In the meantime, grow your chest hair out, or if that's not an option, find a fuzzy man to curl up with and prepare for winter, because she's a coming! - Rin 

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