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Friday, October 14, 2011

Reflecting & Projecting

The last few days have been a bit of a "lets just get to the weekend" kinda deal.   I'm never that person as I've always really tried to get the most out of everything I do...even on Monday at work.  But this week I think it's just a combination of being burnt out with dealing in other people bullshit and just feeling like I'm barely getting to everything I need to get done.  On top of that I've been thinking of all the stuff I want to do and projects I really would like to see at least begin to materialize, but I never seem to have the time or energy to put my head into the right space to create.  On top of that, I only hit the gym 3 times this week...never good for my mind or body.  It's like my mind can not function unless that pent up energy is burned off and I am not riding the wave of unspent fuel.  Weird how it works out sometimes.

But it's Friday, I'm home, dogs are walked, and I'm ready to refresh with a bit of time off and get a better start to the week.  Plus I'm so excited to be taking a few days off next week, leaving the dogs with my lesbos, and heading out of town with Mr.  That will be enough motivation to blow through next week with a permanent grin.  I never take time off and I'm so glad I have someone to support the fact that it's just necessary to check out and not feel guilty if people can not function without you.  My work will function, there will just be a boat of issues that will need resolved when I's pretty much the norm even when I'm only gone a day.  It's not that I do everything, I just seem to be the only one to be able to manage everyone's flow and the keep the communication channels functioning during a busy day...I'd love to have a hidden camera and see what goes on when I'm not there.   I think it would make me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

So, that's that.  I'm done rambling.  I am promising myself to get one of my creative projects off the ground, even the tiniest bit before Monday.  The rest will just fall into place.  Lots of little things we are going to try and fit in this weekend, including the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  Should be a good time.  Headed to dinner at a girlfriends house tonight with Mr.  I baked a Pear Crumb recipe, so I'll see how it tastes tonight.  Cross your fingers its good!

I love this song...and just wanted to share before the radio gets a hold of it and overplays it or changes the lyrics to something stupidly pc.  Enjoy.

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