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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Potluck

This is my kind of potluck!  A healthy balance of protein, starch, and side dishes.  Dessert is an entirely different subject, so I think I'll have to save that for either another day, or when I get home from work tonight.  I don't want to over indulge, you know.  

The fall has me thinking of getting together with friends and making big dinners, pouring wine, and just enjoying the moment.  Life goes so quickly and our lives get so caught up in just getting by that we have to remind ourselves, or at least I do, that we can take a moment and just be grateful we're here and making a difference hopefully.  I don't mean to get sappy but I really am just so overwhelmingly excited at what lies ahead and the opportunities that I feel are around the corner.  I just feel. unlike the economists and political news media, that there is a wave of good things on the way for me and the folks I share my life with.  There has to be something if I'm getting such a strong whiff of goodness. 

Anywho, there's to a lot of work and shit to be done in the mean time.  Boys are walked, I made breakfast and a coffee for Mr. before he headed off to work, and now I'm finishing up mine and about to organize myself for the day.  I had a person call out this morning so I'm going in a bit later than normal so I can cover her closing shift.  I am not used to having so much time before work, but it's nice to take it slow and easy in the morning at least once in a while.  But I'll be dragging by the time it hits my normal exit I foresee an afternoon venti in my future for sure!  

Ok, pack a healthy lunch and take a walk between projects least that's my plan.  - Rin 





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  1. What a positive post : ) hopefully your prediction becomes reality.