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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hump Day

Yesterday was an average Tuesday.  Not bad...Not exciting.  This morning I am up before the sun and already back from a dark dog walk.  I'm on par to get into the office super early so I can get out early and enjoy the evening with Mr.  So excited to see him!  Giddy actually, considering it's 5 something in the morning. This is going to be a great month of new changes and I'm thinking lots of new people in my life.  It's in the works to meet his family soon which will be great!  I've thrown my resume out into the world a few times this week already too...which had me up in the middle of the night over thinking things, but I'm just going to see what comes up and deal with the choices then.

As I've mentioned a bit I love to cook and bake.  I've never done either professionally, although lately I've been offered money by coworkers to make them weekly lunches.  I find it crazy that that is exactly how the butter queen herself, Paula Dean, started up.  Who knows, maybe I should take them up on the offer.  In the baking department I've done lots of cakes and play around with decorating, but have never dabbled in the fondant department.  So I mentioned it the other day at work and now I'm making one of my Dr's son's birthday cake for Saturday.  Mickey themed, but other than that I have free reign.  Devils Food Chocolate Cake with white icing.  Should be a fun adventure and at least I can say I tried.  I'll post a pick on Friday before I deliver it.

So, I must gulp down my coffee, feed the beasts, and get off to the office.  3 pm can not come fast enough.  - Rin

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