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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall is Back!

This morning the crispness of the air on the dog walk was enough to wake me up and get me moving.  Plus, I'm super excited for boot weather too.  Slipped on my boots for the first time and was excited to get out on the trail and feel the chill.  The boys are already curled up and snoring in their respective sleepy spots.  I'm waiting to see if a friend wants to hit up the local breakfast spot before I head out and hit it on my own.  I am hungry!

Mr's b-day went great.  Homemade Turkey Basil Roasted Veggie Lasagna and Mousse Cake both came out yummy.  Gifts went over well.  I did a triptych of silhouettes of him during different performances.  I gave them to him, but asked for them back for a bit so I can do some touch up that I only noticed after he unwrapped them.  :-)  I could never make money painting because I never am finished enough to put it out there and let it go.  Here are two pieces though that i did a few years back that I haven't touched up in recent years.

Hoping to get one or two of my other projects going this week.  My schedule just eats up my energy and my project time.  I always say I'm going to get out one when I get back from the gym, but then I get home and crash and have just enough time to shower before I need to get moving again.  Maybe today's the day at least one gets a start.  I add to the list without even working on it, so I should at least write the list down so I can stop visualizing and planning them in my head.  Mr flew off to Vegas for a few days as a gift from his family.  I missed him last night and had trouble getting a good night sleep...kept having crazy dreams and waking up.  My dreams are so real at times I have to really wake myself up so that I realize it was just a dream.  Otherwise I have a morning of piecing together whether it all really happened.  Last night's included accidentally backing into and completely taking out someones garage when I was turning around my car.  Glad it was a dream! 

Ok...breakfast is calling.  Cheers.  - Rin 

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