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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

Yesterday went ok for a lame Monday.  Dog walk, work, extra long dog walk, dinner at home, laundry, a bit of SNL on hulu.  Today I'm off to work and then home to clean my place and hit up the gym after the essential post work dog walk.  Now that it's chilly out, it takes my boys a bit longer to get tired, so I have to adjust to that and squeeze a bit more time out of each day.  I really think I need to start looking for a reasonably priced used treadmill to get my younger guy through winter.  I just can never seem to get him tired enough if I don't drop off my old one and take the other out for a second run.  Which you know rarely occurs since I am busting my ass to get my own gym time.  So if you hear of a treadmill being neglected and needing some tlc...send it my way for sure! 

Ok....I'm already running a bit behind.  Hopefully today will bring a more exciting me home with something worth sharing.  At least Mr. gets back tonight and we'll be sharing dinner tomorrow.  :-)  That's a good thing!  - Rin 

P.S.  this first guy has spent several different long term periods on my desktop wallpaper.  I'd like to trade something for those arms...besides hours at the gym and tattoo shop.   



  1. That first guy's the one on your blog's banner? Very nice.

    Just caught up on your blog from the beginning, really enjoying reading it. Glad things are going well for you now :)

  2. Yes...the first guy is my banner. Yum right?!?!
    Glad you agree.

    Thanks for the sweet note. Hope things are well for you too!