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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chest Mate

Today was one of those days where I just was about getting stuff done that needs done.  Not about taking in every moment like I try other days...just about checking it off the list of must do's.  After two trips up and down to the basement trying to score the laundry machines I finally got my stuff started. Gave me time to clean up a bit around my place and get the boys out on the trail.  Loving sweatshirt season!!!  I wish it was longer and coat season was much shorter.  Also, I don't mind loading the dishwasher, but emptying it is such a pain.  Maybe because when I'm loading it i'm most satisfied by the meal or beverage I've just enjoyed...and when I'm emptying it i'm pretty much not.  Maybe that's why.

Anywho...woke up this morning with Mr. and enjoyed some coffee before he headed off to work.  Tomorrow is the big day I meet his parents.  Luckily it's his nephews birthday party so they'll be plenty of activity and distractions.  Hoping it goes well and I don't let my nerves get the best of me.  But at least there will be cake!  Then we'll be off on our mini vacay....a few days of sleeping in and just enjoying each others company.   A bit of sightseeing...good food...donuts (a vacation must for me since I've deprived myself of them for the rest of the time)...and so on.  Really excited.  

My boys are snoring on their couch and completely out of it.  I can't wait til they do this when Mr. is over.  I think they just get so excited that they can't completely settle...especially my young one.  He gets himself so worked up he just gets a bit batty...annoying to be honest.  But I think the more Mr. comes over the more he'll chill out like he does when it's just me.  At least that's the plan.  Otherwise we're all gonna be on xanax.  :-) 

Ok, these guys just jumped out at me as being pretty blessed in the chest.  Huggable huh?  
Hoping the weekend is treating everyone well - Rin 


  1. RIN - you have a classy collection of men here - very smoothly done - The 2nd from the bottom man looks very handsome and I hope we see more of this dude

  2. Thanks guys! I'm back from vacay, sorry i've been slow to respond. :-)