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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Funday

This weekend is flying by...why, oh why do they do that.  Weeks drag, weekends fly.  I think we should work two days and take 5 days off.  Where do they have jobs like that...that pay full time?  Or I need to move to a country that believes in the two hour afternoon that weekends aren't so jammed packed with fun.

Last night we changed our plans a bit and decided to walk to a restaurant close to my place, sit outside, have a beer, and just chill out a bit instead of hitting the city.  We walked in, looked around at all the people dressed up and all the hipsters in bow ties...glanced at the huge stack of cupcakes and the chalkboard congratulations sign, and realized we walked into a wedding reception.  We were like, ummmm I guess the restaurants not open tonight.  Some douche in a bowtie was like, you didn't notice the door sign?  I looked at the 3x5 index card sign and said, no, maybe you should have had something a bit more noticeable...douche.

So after the disappointment that we wouldn't be walking to dinner, or enjoying our favorite butter butter chicken and parm fries we decided on an alehouse...two beers and dinner later we were bum tuckered and just came home and ate some of my pear pie and crashed out.  Today was my first intro into his family.  Brunch with his brother, sister-in-law, and their adorable children.  It's refreshing to be with a family with kids that actually have a sense of parenting.  Brunch was fun, and of course the kids were center stage, so it took some of the pressure off the initial introductions.

Came home from that, took a nap, and now I just finished cleaning and ran to the store for some lunch items for the week.  Really looking forward to getting out of town for a couple of days on Sunday.  Mr. suspects where we're going,  but I'm doing my best to keep the definite place a secret.  Of course his mother wants me to give her the address since she hasn't met me yet and I guess doesn't trust her youngest son running off to a secret vacation.  I guess my Mennonite pacifist heritage isn't enough yet.   Oh well, I have no problem winning over moms.  So, I may just let the secret out to Mr. so that he can tell her and put her at ease.

Tonight we're headed to the city for the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and dinner.  Hoping to get Mr. to a great little eating spot that I think he'll adore and that I've been dying to get back to.  Gotta feed the dogs  so I can get them out and set before we need to peel out of dodge.

hugs - Rin

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