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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Slow Down

This week is a blur.  I was barely aware of what month we were in most of it and hardly took the time to figure out each day of the week.  I do recognize that sometimes I try and fit too much in to my days...but so much of what I have to do isn't always enough, so I end up piling on extra to feel challenged I guess.  Work is work...can't say I'm not keeping my eye out for a change of scenery, but not pounding the grindstone for one either.  I would like to see resolution with the owner way or the other, so at least I've stuck with it this long for a reason.  Otherwise I should have just walked when it all started getting nasty and not dealt with the BS for the last year.  But I think if some golden opportunity were to waft by my nose, I'd eat it up in a heartbeat.

I've been doing everything I can to keep my dogs working and busy so that when my schedule does get a little tight, they're at least able to handle a drive by walk and feeding and I don't carry the guilt.  They've handled the move into a condo and single parenting so well, that I give them a huge amount of credit.  It is tiring though and at times a bit overwhelming.  I have no idea how single parents of two legged children do it.  Huge props to any of them that successfully accomplish it for sure.  I set high standards for myself with my dogs and I really do follow the saying: "Be the person your dogs think you are."  I made a commitment to rescue them and make sure they never have the kind of lives they had before, and so that keeps me going.  Hence the waking up at 645am on a Saturday and getting out on the trail before sun up.  We're back, coffee in hand, they've eaten, and now they're playing in between short nap breaks.  I'd really like to just be back in bed like this guy!  

Not exactly sure what I have going on this weekend.  The week was such a blur I didn't even have time to make any solid plans.  Mr. and I had dinner on Thursday at a local vegetarian restaurant.  Time with him always flies by.  Yesterday I took a half day and finished up the cake for my coworker's son's 5th Birthday while he hung out with his family and niece and nephew.  I'm going to get to the gym in a little bit to check that off my list, then he should be headed over here this afternoon.

 The final product for the cake:

Ok, my dogs are going nuts playing and I'm a we bit hungry.  Must eat before I hit the gym.  Hoping for a great, relaxing and invigorating weekend for all!  - Rin 

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