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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wide Eyed Wednesday

Yesterday got to me and I realized I missed one of my fave days filled with inked men...damn it Tuesday!  Work was hay-nus!  My crazy boss is clinically out of control...and now a public document surfaced that is a legal reprimand against his lawyer for another case he was involved in where he threatened the defendant and was found to be making clearly erroneous and fabricated claims just to have a case to file.  So that is the lawyer crazy boss is working with...that is why this case will never end...and I must walk from a job I love.  Now, full on job hunt.  No holds bar!

But I slept in, so that's all the sharing I have time for...until next time, enjoy these wide eyed hotties and think of your happy place.  - Rin 

Monday, November 28, 2011

MANdatory Monday

Ah Monday.  Especially after 4 days feels like maybe, just maybe, it's not real.  But I checked the calendar on my phone and it is.  Blurgh.  But upside, it's another week, and maybe this is the week of new beginnings at work.  Please let it be...let it be...let it be...let it...whisper words, oops...tangent.  I'm back!  It's oddly warm out, and this mornings walk on the trail was lovely.  Hoodie and jeans, my two boys, and the calm creek were a great way to start the day.  Had an early early breakfast with Mr. this morning before he headed off on another epic day.

Yesterday we puttered around with definite goals, but not finding everything we were looking for, so we ended up at 3 grocery stores and a massive amount of weekly goods...hopefully bi weekly at that rate.  But once we unpacked it all, we realized how much good stuff we bought...healthy, real food.  Which is never cheap.  Shouldn't it be though...shouldn't we pay less for stuff that isn't chemically engineered into food...why do we pay less for that stuff?  Weird.

 Last week we read an article on how the term cellulose fiber used in food is actually wood pulp...and then read a list of all the foods that use it.  Luckily only one thing in our house was listed, but still...the items were wide spread.  Fat Free creamer, low fat cookies, anything reduced fat that still had a thick or creamy consistency...wood pulp was sure to be found.  So, here we are, fat americans, raising fat kids...but telling them they should eat healthy...and we're feeding them wood pulp.  Awesomesauce.  It's kinda sad that my dogs eat better ingredients in their food than most children.  Very sad.  But pet foods is an entirely different topic that I could go on for days about.  Bottom line, read the ingredients!

Ok, must prep and get into work.  Early in, Early out makes for a happy Rin.  - Peach and Love...And Men :-)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's all in Black and White

There was a lot of giving thanks on facebook this week huh?  A lot.  So, it just keeps it fresh in your mind as to the things that come into your life that have such a huge impact and that without them, you may never have even dreamed of where you've been or where you'll end up going. I wish we had that weekly reminder every week...through the entire year.  To make sure we don't have a week where work, horrendous drivers, rude grocery store patrons, or insane coworkers make us dull to the gifts we have.  I think everyone deserves a good vent and a chance to complain without regret, but I think sometimes we get caught up in that space and that energy, and forget to revert back to recognizing everything that is right with ourselves and the lives we create.

I think we've grown so comfortable with the complaint that it's become the norm.  Do we ever call customer service lines after we've had amazing customer service, just to share...nope, we call when it goes wrong.  Do we often see people leaving yelp reviews when it's good...sometimes, but those are often the short ones.  I think if as a society we switched how we think, and really stopped to recognize when things are good, we would all be in a much better mood at the end of the day.  So, before it can be considered a new years resolution, and fade away by March, I'm going to focus on recognizing the good things.  If I get great service at a restaurant, i'm going to call back and tell the Manager.  If I get a survey after I receive a service...I'm going to fill it out in great detail if the service was good.  That's my plan at least.

Now, onto this morning.  My first shared day off with Mr. since Thursday...which doesn't count because I had to share him with family, and then had to leave at noon to head to mine.  So, I slipped out of bed earlier to walk and feed the kids (my boxer boys), and then slipped back into bed to enjoy the quiet morning. Now, I'm up again, brewed some Pete's coffee, a little taste from San Diego, and am on the couch watching out the back as the sun rises.  I truly love Fall.  I admit it...I missed it in San Diego.  But, I'd still move back and just make a point to go north for a week each Fall to get my taste of it.  :-)  Really looking forward to the day.  We are in the market for some vintage, velvety, wingback chairs for our living room and a pub height dining table.  I've  been avoiding shopping all week, because I hate crowds, and I don't mind paying a little extra to avoid Black Friday is not my thing.  After running 5 retail stores at once, across 3 states...I shudder at the thought of setting an alarm clock to go shopping in time for deals.  Unless I'm earning a bonus from being there and exceeding my plan numbers, I'm sleeping in and ordering shit online.

Ok, so you realize I had no plans of not being honest or avoiding sarcasm when I said I was going to focus on all the good things...ok, just so we're clear.  Time for a refill of the ol' joe and some puppy cuddles.  Have a peaceful Sunday.  - Rin

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pits,Hair,Tatts, and C**K

Mr.'s home from work just as I was getting ready to write a long, wordy, and deep post.  Oh well, next's some hot pictures in the meantime, cuz I gotta tend to my man...he's tired, worn out to hell, and needs some huggin.  It's a little mix of pits, hair, cock, and tatts...kinda like what occupies my bed.  :-)

- Rin

Friday, November 25, 2011

Legalize Gay.

Had to share this.  It is time...past time to be exact.

I had a whirlwind day and am very much looking forward to Mr's return from his marathon work day.  We had breakfast at his rents house yesterday with his brothers family and enjoyed the parade and show the kids always put on.  I was the selected hide and seek partner for the kids...although the fact that they responded everytime I said. "ready or not here I come" made it a bit of an easy game.  After that I headed about 2 hours away to my parent's house for dinner with my aunts and my rents.  It's weird to think that in the past we would have 25-30 people at our house for holidays...and now we're down to me, my three aunts, and my rents.  Weird, but it was nice...and the red wine flowed freely fo sho.

But I buzzed back home this morning with the boys and got them settled in before I headed off to another Bikram class.  It was a great class and I left feeling really good.  Came home, cut my hair, walked the boys on the trail, and napped a bit.  Now I'm just in our little zenpod waiting for my guy so I can make him some food and we can snuggle til we fall asleep.  Really looking forward to his day off on Sunday.  Sleeping in for sure! My boys are sleeping away and it's quiet...really quiet.  I love that about my place.  Definitely a characteristic I hope to find when Mr. and I start looking.

Ok, just had to pop on and post this video...really touching and very much on my mind.  - Rin

men in BLACK friday

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Blur

Today was a crazy day.  Up at 5 am to make breakfast for Mr.  Walked my pooches on a foggy drizzly path.  Then hit work early...even before I had any coffee!  Dangerous considering I was behind the wheel of an suv without caffeine in my system.  We had a slightly short day at the office, but we didn't block off our normal lunch, so it was straight through, making it seem longer than normal oddly.  I popped home for another doggy hike and a few house chores before I hit the road to Bikram again.  Really trying to get 4 classes in this week.  Which means I have Friday and Saturday back to back...which will be a joy.

Came home and Mr. had just gotten home from work...another 12 hour day for him.  There are apparently plenty of projects flowing his his first full week at the new gig.  Of course, his second day they informed him he was at an even higher role than he originally thought, so I think the hours are still on that cloud of awesomeness.  So excited for him!

After I drove home from yoga...with my moonroof and windows down so that I wouldn't steam up the inside of  the windows, I realized I didn't have all the ingredients for the pecan bars I was making for tomorrow's meal.  I was planning on splitting a batch between Mr's family and mine...easier to split bars than a pie.  :-)  Anywho, went to the store...realized when I got out of the car I just put my track pants on with no trunks...oops, should have tied them tighter.  :-)  But I think the show was missed by most, so I was able to pop in and out...of the store.  :-)

So, that's where I am now...they're on their last few minutes.  Dogs are on either side of me curled up on the couch, and Mr. is passed out in bed.  It's a blur...but a good one considering Work is 4 days away and I get to dig into some stuffing tomorrow..guilt free on the back of some pretty intense yoga! If you haven't checked out a Bikram class...look one up locally, and go.  It's amazing.  Even if you just  lay there in the room for the 90 minutes, you will feel good.

Ok...gotta hit the bed so I'm fresh for the in-laws.  I am the new jungle gym for the kids I have to be up and ready for that adventure.

Peace and Happy Turkey Day!!! - Rin

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday

Serenity Now!  It's going to take a lot of Bikram Yoga to get me through this week I think...and it's only 1.5 days of work.  Douche owner is in full throttle now that good owner is out of the country for the week visiting family.  It's like he's fed extra power trips in the morning when he knows he's the only owner on site.  It's about all I can take.  Don't tell me I did your job wrong considering I was never trained, nor was I asked to take on your responsibilities when you disappeared on "medical" leave while your lawyers were finding ways to keep you around...and especially don't nit pick on my work when you're in the office now and I'm still doing your job and not getting paid to do it.

I recognize that I can never just sit and wait for opportunity to knock...but I would be thrilled to at least hear its footsteps approaching my door!  Please!

So burnt on the's beyond words.  I am throwing out my resume to the opportunities that I find...and hoping something sticks soon.  I have one potential bright spot, but not sure how their timing is on bringing someone on board.  They at least have my info and have let me know I will hear from them just never know what their "soon" is.  I was told three years ago that douche owner would be leaving "soon" and everything would be great...three years and counting is NOT SOON enough for me.  Clearly...I'm using all caps here people...I need a drink.

Thankfully days like this end and I can come home to my zen space, walk my boys in the drizzle and dusky fog, and clear my head.  I just have to stay focused and realize that while I have put myself completely into my position, with the clear plan to continue to build the business and see it grow into what it can truly be...that I may need to just take it as a lesson and move on.  As frustrating as that is for me.  Especially considering all of my staff have put in just as much heart and soul and will clearly be moving on if things don't change.  It's even more frustrating considering how well things work and how great we all get things done when wackadoo owner is when a black cloud lifts and things just roll along so well.

Ok, I'm rambling.  Just trying to get it out so I don't carry it with me.  I want to enjoy the short week and get into the long weekend in a good place.  I have so much to be thankful for during this season and I really am focused on keeping those things in my mind and heart and hoping that the positive energy moves into my work sector.  And I can't wait for stuffing and pie!!!  Bring it!

Cheerio - Rin

MANdatory Monday's been a whirlwind few days.  Took a few half days last week just to give myself a  breather.  I have so many vacation days and sick hours I figured it was wise to start using them up.  If I end up busting out of my current gig, I know those sick hours will be eaten up by ahole owner in a heartbeat.  Still frustrated that my good boss won't stand up for me and give me the third quarter bonus I earned.  I'm pretty sure it's illegal to hold a bonus back considering the guy that is holding it back is the guy I testified against in court in August...and the guy still claiming to be part owner and do whatever destruction to the business as he can before the final court date to get him out.  There's a good chance I won't be there to see that day...and i'm hoping that my staff sticks with it long enough for me to be the first ball to start rolling away.  I don't want to to start hiring people in when I'm planning on busting out.  Just feels weird interviewing people and selling the place at such a f-ed up time in the business.

Anywho...Mr. is wonderful and has been so helpful in keeping my mind from spinning out of control with the work bullshit.  We had a great date day last Thursday and did the zoo...with a behind the scenes elephant experience where we got up close and personal with them.  Watched their bathes and training sessions, and got to give one a good pet too.  We went super early so it was stunningly quiet and we could just wonder the zoo with no screaming children and really see the animals.  The apes and orangutans were amazing.  They were feeding their breakfasts and so they were really active and since we were the only ones in the entire building other than the keepers, it was amazeballs.  The apes were interacting with us just sitting watching them. While I do feel it's sad that they have to live in captivity, I am grateful they do not have to struggle with their habitats being burned and destroyed.  It's a weird mess we've made of things for sure.

Last evening we wrapped up the weekend by hitting up a Bikram class.  Mr. and I oddly used to go to the same studio a little over a year ago, but never ran into each other.  Then he started at a new studio that opened closer to his house and I moved on and joined the gym.  Luckily we now have that to share and it's so much better walking out and coming home with company to share the yoga coma with.  He of course is a master and was at one point thinking of doing the competitions for bikram and almost at the teacher level...I'm bendy, but i certainly have my limits as to how many classes I could take in a week...and I certainly wouldn't do two in a row like he does...that's like burning 3000 calories in 3 hours.  Cri-zazy-ness.

So, it's Monday...and thankfully i work 2.5 days this week.  Going to do Thanksgiving breakfast with Mr's family and then swing by our place to pick up the dogs and head up to my parents house for an evening meal.  I haven't seen my aunts in a bit and it'll be nice to just catch up with the fam.  My rents are doing a yard sale on black a last ditch effort to thin out the goods before they put their house on the market and move to the beach full time.  I have no intentions of working a yard i'll be spinning back home for sure.

Ok, peace and love.  Oh, duh...they sent a tech guy to my house..replaced my hard drive...and so I'm up and running.  Of entire photo archive was bear with my pics for a bit until I have time to build up a new collection.

- Rin

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday

So, the official word from Dell Tech laptop needs a new hard drive.  I was unable to recover any of my documents or my entire archive of photos.  Gah!  I have some documents on a back-up with the ex, and I'm thinking he may want to see the dogs in exchange for the files...but I haven't asked yet.  I was hoping to find them so I didn't have to go there.  Of course, he could put them on a cd and just send them to me, but he hasn't offered.  But, the good warranty expired in ten days.  If I had been busy with work or just not using my laptop that day...and not up on the fact that my warranty was expiring, it could have been a much worse situation.  The thing is only a year, it would have been a very expensive paperweight! 

Anywho, I'm resolved to the fact that what's lost is just info that had no value and that what was valuable enough, I will remember, and recreate.  As for the photos...I will just have to start a new archive for the blog...which just means I have an excuse to peak around and enjoy the finds.  This time around I'm going to do a much more thorough job organizing them though.  It'll make keeping up with things on here much more efficient.  So, I need to get out the door.  Boys are walked and fed...Mr. is off to his first day at the new gig...and I am caffeinated.  Thanks for sticking up with me!  I have some fun plans in the works...and a new blog with Mr. coming together.  Keep an eye out for me!  It's all around the corner, I just have to keep moving to figure out which fucking corner. 

Booyah! - Rin