blog advertising is good for you Men-O-Night: May 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Wonderings

Today is a weird day.  I have the day off since I'm working this weekend...closing both Friday and Saturday nights.  Awesomesauce...or not.  But anywho, woke up and walked the boys.  Came back and crawled back into bed with Mr.  We slept another hour and could not get going from then on.  He went off to work and I went to meet up with a past coworker for some shopping and what nots.  It's weird how when I go out with the intent to spend, I always come home empty handed.  But when I'm out trying to be good I find shit I want but don't need. Oh well.

Came back and the weather all day has just been gloomy, a bit humid, and just not the kind of weather that makes me motivated to do anything.  I ended up napping a bit to take advantage of some quiet time, but woke up cranky pants again and decided to take the boys out on a longer hike to see if any of us could get going.   Came home from that in full on cleaning the walk was at least helpful in that dept.  Whipped out some cleaning, bathroom, floors, vacuum, kitchen, and dusted even too.  Now I'm pondering the next "to-do" or "to-don't" on my list.  I always try and make my days off productive when they're in the middle of the week, but why does there need to be that pressure not to just enjoy not having to do anything.  Is that just me, an american thing, or does everyone feel guilty for giving themselves a break and just being a bit lazy.  I guess lazy people don't mind, but I've never been one who has an easy time letting go of the never ending list of things I want to do, get done, experience, and so on.  Plus, sometimes I just feel guilty.

Anywho, I'm back up and running so I had planned a long run today...but when it's this humid and miserable, I just really hate getting out in it.  I'm hoping that the evening brings a bit of a cool down and at least not the muggy stuff that was going on when I was out with the dogs.  I can't run in that.  Other than these ramblings it's all just chugging along.  Kinda fuming about the North Carolina thing...but I had never planned to move south any time soon...but I would like to think that the US could move forward and  not keep taking these huge steps back in the world of equality.  It's kind of unbelievable when you think about it.  But if we're not educating our youth...they're just going to be as stupid and backwards as their parents, and that's just sad.

Mr. has been out a lot with work, workshops, rehearsals, and what nots.  Missing him, but very happy for his successes and his ever growing network of major possibilities and connections to greatness.  He's doing some amazing stuff for some pretty amazing people, and I think the skies the limit for him and his artistry.  In more ways than one too.  Maybe I'm destined to be his social media wizard and work from home and tour with him...I'd make a fucking amazing house husband for sure.  Of course I'd have to get used to doing a little relaxing by the one wants to come home to a stressed out house husband!

Ok, that's it for now.  Peace out and love the ones you love...regardless of what other assholes think.  - Rin