blog advertising is good for you Men-O-Night: September 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

It's Tuesday...feels like one of those days when staying in bed, curled up with my dogs, and watching movies with ice cream for lunch would have been a great idea.  Just not in to today at all.  The weather is wonky and it makes me weird all over.  I am ready for actual fall...when I don't need to run my air conditioning and I can consistently wear layers without feeling over dressed.  In good time, in good time.  Of course my luck winter will strike next week and I'll be bundled up like an Eskimo.

Anywho...enough of that...ready for a new day tomorrow, and even more excited that I'm taking Friday off to spend with Mr. for his birthday.  Finalizing his gifts tonight with a trip out to the mall with the lesbos.  Luckily we don't have to pass home depot to get to the mall I'm taking them to, otherwise my time to shop would be more limited.  I'm hopeful there are no cat adoptions going on, otherwise that may be a road block too...oh lesbians.  :-)

So, gotta finish my shrimp stir fry in a peanut sauce, potty walk my boys, and head over to pick the ladies up.

Enjoy the ink on these men in the mean time.  I'll let you know how he likes his gifts after Friday.
- Rin

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Week Past Due

Ok...I suck...and in more than the good way this time.  It's been too long since my last post and I was on such a roll there.  But I'm not gonna do the normal self abuse thing and just move on with it.  So, that's where I am.

I life is grand...Mr. is official and I'm completely head over heals.  I haven't let it out about this yet, but I need to soon...who knows, he may be following right along for all I know.  (Hiyeee if you are)  Work is still work, but if one of the points on my triangle of life is wonky, i'll take work.  Home is great, Love is awesome, so work can be a bit shitty and I'll be fine.  I do hope to have all the points in the green at some  moment in life, but for now two out of three is working.

Today was one of those weird off days for almost everyone I've talked to.  Not bad, just seemed off.  Then I came home and took my dogs for a walk with Mr. and came home and they just couldn't settle...paced and whined and paced some more.  It was almost eerie how my younger boy just couldn't stop himself from moving or whining.  Then I went to the gym and as I was pulling into the parking lot there was a massive flock of birds that was clustering along the roof line and trees.  To the point that there were people standing around taking pictures.  Are we getting another earthquake?  Or is it just the new moon and equinox messing with nature's balance.  I'm hoping the latter.  Anywho, luckily it's ok to give a dog a benadryl and let him chill the fuck out.  My teacher friends and mom all said that their kids were especially crazy today too...but I'm assuming that drugging them isn't as widely acceptable.  Anywho, my boys are a bit more rested after tonight's walk, so I'm hoping to get some sleep.

I'm still on the gym path...but not killing myself to get there 7 days a week.  I've found a good balance and I'm really wanting to give Mr. and I time to enjoy each other when our crazy schedules allow.  I've cut back on doing the split shifts and gym over my mid day break, because that was just about feeling like you're at work for 14 hours a day.  So, it's been at least a good balance...and I'm still able to get it all in.  Trying to get myself out on the trail more for my longer runs too, so that when this half marathon sneaks up in November, I'm not killed in the first 6 miles.  All in all, that's where I stand.  Getting wrapped up in love and totally adoring every minute of it...and sticking with my goals along the way.

For the love of god am I rambling tonight...must shower and hit the sack so I can be alive at the office tomorrow.  Tuesdays notoriously hit the, I should be rested to deal with the bs.

Peace...and wut not.  - Rin

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thirsty Thursdays

I'm taking a slow morning...yesterdays was much more enjoyable though since Mr. and I had an amazing evening on Tuesday.  He planned and executed date that will be hard for me to top next.  Flying trapeze class..yeah, amazing!  And luckily I did well for a first time flyer, got everything but the catch on the last swing and apparently that was the timing of the catcher, not me.  Then we had a blissful morning sleeping in and both going into work our later days on the same day finally.  It's weird how my place doesn't seem as much like home without him around now.   So looking forward to having him here more and really enjoying the comforts of fall's approach.  All this kinda has me in a happy cloud...feeling a bit ungrounded, but in a very good way.  I rarely get a breath to just stop and enjoy where my life has brought me, and so having him here to give me that opportunity and motivation is really amazing.

The plans are on for another great weekend.  Headed out of town for a quick trip on Friday to see a show and then some friend time and randomness will surely occur as well.  I need to finalize my purchase on my new dining room set and I think I've finally settled on my new headboard/footboard...these big purchases just take me some time.  I can pick out a pair of shoes and be at the register in 10 minutes, but furniture is a whole different ballgame.

Hoping for a good and smooth day at the office, a quick stop at home for the dogs, and a short run and lifting session at the gym tonight.  That's the I must set it in motion.  Coffee and breakfast are on board...outfit of the day needs to jump out and I must roll out.

Here's a bit of watered down hotness for the sunny day.  Cheers - Rin

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday

Well, not that it's catching up as I had hoped.  But life is good and I am grateful!  I really do believe that everything lines up for a reason and people come into your lives just when you need them the most.  Mr. is more than I could dream of and I'm still trying to wrap my head around how different this feels from anything else I've ever experienced with other guys I've dated...even my ex of 8 years.  Our connection is stronger and more real those 8 years...which is why I'm so swept away.  It's not just lust's a true joy in his company.  And after a great Friday last week spent with him and meeting a lot of his friends from his past and present I really can see that it's mutual, and that was bliss. Total fuel for my extremely productive weekend too.

I purged 3 trash bags of clothing that was now too big for me. A strange feeling when some of the pants were ones I used to hate putting on straight out of the dryer.  I tried each one on...and those even fell off when I let go of the button.  I knew I was making good progress on my goal of getting into shape, but to see it in plain sight and my old negative chip in my head had no response that could take that away.  That was pretty great.  The other great meant I could totally justify a shopping trip for jeans and pants...i'm kinda addicted to denim.  I found some killer ones that I can't wait to throw on and hit the town in.

I ran 6 miles on Saturday...and while I wanted to hit more, I just knew my head wasn't in it and I didn't get my usual that is never a good start.  I'm realizing how much I like routine as I get older...I'm gonna be the guy annoyed that someone is sitting in my booth at my breakfast joint when I'm old and have a booth. But then I just decided to enjoy the run and pack on some abs and chest so I felt like I hadn't just taken the easy way out.  So Sunday I focused on lifting, because the gym was empty.  It was kinda nice just walking in and not getting on a treadmill, going right to weights.

 That gets me to last night.  I woke up yesterday, knowing my week would be exhausting and my time at the gym may be a bit sporadic, so I said I would hit my 12 mile mark.  I only told a few people so that I wasn't too burned if I couldn't get there.  But I got to the gym and just set my mind to it.  The first 7 miles were so easy, I was stoked.  Then I realized I was on a treadmill that stopped after 60 minutes.  So when I started back up again, my legs were hating me in all kinds of ways.  But I gave myself a minute or two to just hike it out a bit slower...and then just when I had thoughts creep into my head that maybe I should just stop at 10 miles...a text from Mr. came through.  Like a burst of energy.  It was so motivational and sweet...saying to keep running and running and running...and to call when I hit my 12 miles.  As if he knew exactly when I needed to hear that the most.  So I hunkered down and hit my goal.  12 miles in an hour and 58 minutes.  I wasn't going for a certain pace this time...just the miles, and I got them.

So, after a moonlit walk this morning with my boys, and not the jello legs I was expecting.  I must finish my morning joe and get to the office.  I have a very exciting date tonight with Mr. and a trapeze class.  Talk about date night!  He planned this one and it sounds insanely fun.  I'm just hoping I don't drop off the bar my first swing out over the net.  But at least there's a net.

Happy day - Rin

Monday, September 12, 2011

MANdatory Monday

Late for work...will catch up with my few days away when I get back from the gym tonight.  Fitting it all in to my crazy schedule...and still making it happen somehow.  Peace, Love, and morning coffee!  - Rin

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hump Day!

It's going to be short...and to the point.  I'm super tired and I feel my eyes fluttering into dream zone.  Plus, I still have to potty walk my dogs and take a shower.  Blurgh.  Today was a good way mostly.  I did miss waking up with my man though...ugh, I'm so attached to him already.  I got my ass out of bed early and even had time for a coffee and english muffin on the couch before I went off to the office.  Just missed the morning rain and stayed dry on my dog walk too.  So, that was a good start to the day.  Luckily my boys totally get that when it rains...walks are short.  They don't fuss more than normal and don't seem to bottle up their energy like kids.  Which thrills me because this constant rainy weather makes me about as motivated as a sloth with a wicked weed habit.

Work was work...nothing crazy, nothing exciting.  You need those days everyonce in a while to keep the other ones seeming more interesting I guess.  I cut out a touch early since it was so slow and got home to get my boys out and about before I hit the gym.  The paths around my place that follow the creek were all flooded...and trees were down on other parts of the paths.  Weird that it was worse today that the day after the supposed "hurricane" that made people go mad with fear.  Stupid news people getting everyone riled up and then not getting that excited when actual weather does hit.

Well, I hit the gym and ran a bit, did chest, and then spun my way through my first spin class.  I've been thinking about getting into one for a while but my timing is always off.  I'm either getting to the gym ten minutes after it starts...or ten minutes before it's over.  So today I made sure I was there with time to do some warm up stuff, and get a good bike.  It was good...I'm glad I did it and now I plan to try a few different instructors.  Also, I think a class with a bit more people that are actually into it might be more fun.  My group today was a bit one was responding to her and I was feeling like it was dragging a bit from lack of involvement.  I've walked by a few classes that the group is just pumped and seem super into it.  I think I wanna give one of those a go before I pass on making it a routine.  At least it's a different option for my cardio days.  Although I feel less tired than I do on my long run days. part of my day was getting a long phone call from my man as he drove home from his work day.  He has a work thing all weekend that he's prepping for so this week is a bit scarce on together time.  But I think we'll make up for it next week/weekend.  I'm trying to think up a fun day trip somewhere and then get a weekend away on the books so that we don't over schedule with everything else in our lives.  Really looking forward to some time away with him...explore somewhere new together.  But that's to get my kids ready for sleepy time and myself clean enough to crawl into bed and pass out.  I think my legs may be way more sore tomorrow...which will be great for my morning hike.

Hopefully next Hump Day i'll get to do a little humping myself.  :-) - Rin

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

Home from work and had a nice walk in the drizzle with my dogs.  It's cool again...and I'm hoping it's here to stay.  I already was inspired by the season change and baked a German Apple Cake (Apple Kuchen) last night. Of course I couldn't resist eating half of it if I kept it here, so I carted it into work for my crew.  And tonight I threw together a quick potato/clam chowder.  Avoiding the cream I blend half of the potatoes and thicken with a bit of corn starch.  Opened my windows and plan to enjoy my soup curled up on the couch in a hoodie...damn I love my hoodies.  :-) 

I realized today that I think it's time I begin to go through my closet and permanently rid it of anything that's too big.  This also made me realize that I have a serious addiction to denim.  And unfortunately, the majority of it must go.  I feel like saving it is admitting that there is the slightest chance I'll get back to those sizes...and I have made the promise to myself that that will never happen!  If I have to pay someone to drag my ass into the gym and beat me until I work out, I'll do it.  So, that project is on my list for this week.  Pull everything out and try it on, donate if it's too big...and see what I really have left.  It'll make shopping more fun and realistic because I often say I don't need more jeans, but I only have a few pair that don't fall off without a belt.  You can only cinch up so much before your jeans bunch up and it looks like you shit yourself on the way out the door.  

I also realized today that I really am crazy about Mr.  He possesses so much more of what I desire in a partner than I could even think of, and I find something new out every time we're together that makes me even adore him more.  I'm really just filled to the brim with excitement over sharing more time together.  I'm looking for ideas for long weekend getaways or road trips.  Drop the dogs at the lesbians and head out on an adventure together.  I think it'll be fun just planning it together.  We've been talking about it and this morning we just wanted to bail on work and go for it asap....but we were responsible and carried on with our days.  But mid day we did touch base wishing we had the nerve and lacked the responsibilities that kept us on track.  

But alas...I survived work and am home.  Thinking up ideas of what to do when we hang out next.  I'm meeting up with him and some of his friends, along with a few of mine, for a show on Friday.  Should be a fun first mixer for our friends.  See what each thinks of the others.  :-)  Until then it's work...and dogs...and of course gym.  Must eat some soup and then head there afterwards.  

Need to keep shaping up for more ink!!  - Rin

Monday, September 5, 2011

Laboring Away

This weekend turned out to be a beautiful and relaxing time at home.  Friday I spent it in...hiked my dogs, did some housework, and just enjoyed a bit of down time.  Saturday morning the lesbos and I went to breakfast at my fave spot and then I did a bit of shopping.  Stocked up on the necessities and hooked myself up with a few new supplements to see if I can get myself over my recent plateau at the gym.  Excited to see if I can get a bit of a boost and really start to see some change.  Saturday evening was pure bliss.  Mr. came over and we hung out a bit, went to the dinner, and did a bit of jean shopping for him.  It felt so natural being with him out and about.  We held hands through the mall...something the ex would have never done...and I just felt proud and confident being with him.

We have a way of just laughing and being completely on the same page with how we see spending time and just enjoying each other's company.  It was fun just playing around and shopping.  Time does fly when you're having fun!  We got to meet up with his close friend, which was great.  She and I definitely clicked and shared some odd similarities.  One being she spent 8 years on the west coast almost exactly in line with my time out the same town.  So we bonded over missing some of our fave places...and the general relaxed vibe.
Afterwards we came back to my place and cuddled up for a movie.  Had great time and really just in awe at how great he is and how much he seems to like I him. He's so creative and seems to drive me to foster that part of myself.  Which brings me to today.  I started a set of small paintings for my parents, and have drafted up an idea for Mr.  Of course I still have my major project on deck...and have started some doodles for that.  Just excited to be back to creating art.  Really looking forward to more time with Mr. and more chances to be inspired.

Life is good...cheers. - Rin
Is it too late to wear white already?????

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Over the Rainbow

Yes, another week down.  Thank Buddha!   I felt off this I lost a bit of the steam I had rolling along.  I think I could have been dealing with Pre-Manstration Syndrome.  And I think it's passed, hopefully.  I have been loving having the windows open and the air off...waking up to the crisp mornings.  But on the other hand, I think my allergies are flaring up and my throat is itchy.  God...maybe my bitching hasn't completely cleared out yet, but I'll be sure to start off on a fresh start tomorrow...yeah, tomorrow.  

I had a good gym day yesterday over my lunch break, so at least I got a bit of stress relief there.  The weather planner has caused my lesbos and I to reconsider our weekend up in the woods as we all really don't wanna sit in a cabin staring at each other with 5 damp dogs looking bored to tears.  So, we'll just have to grab it a weekend later this fall...which may be more fun because it'll be cooler and we can crank on the fireplace.  I do have a shit load of stuff I need to accomplish here, so I plan on making a list tonight and checking it off through the weekend.  I have a new art piece I've been wanting to start, a chandelier to rehang, and a pub table to find and purchase.  Among the usual gym, farmers market, and dog events.  

The Friday before a holiday weekend is always insanely crazy at my office....because we're closed through the weekend and everyone just notices that they need to get taken care of today.  I'm thinking it may be a "Buy the staff lunch" day since we will probably be working through without time to run out and score food.  But I'm hoping no disasters occur and we can just power through it.  Then the fun can start.  And on the good side of not going away this weekend is more time hanging with my Mr.  Very excited to see him again and just enjoy where the path takes us.  But alas, I must feed the dogs, shower, and dress myself for work.  At least I can wear jeans today.  :-)

Here's a rainbow of britches....and lovely ones at that!  - Rin