blog advertising is good for you Men-O-Night: April 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011


So today is my walk through of the new condo and when I finally get the keys.  Last night my friends came over and we moved almost everything I own into the living room to prep for my movers.  It's so weird seeing your life in boxes and stacks.  One thing I know is that I have enough jeans to dress half of West Hollywood and still have enough to make denim bibs for Branjolina's herd of children.  Also, you can definitely tell I cook when you see the number of boxes that say Kitchen...and none of them contain food.

I've mentioned before that there are days when my horoscope is so spot the point...that it creeps me out. Here was yesterdays:

"You're in the home stretch now, Taurus! Kiss your worries goodbye. Your efforts pay off in spades as people listen to your advice and bend over backward to please you. Although certain details in your love life still need ironing out, it's safe to coast for a while. You've spent months in this process of self-transformation and you deserve a little rest."

What happened yesterday?  I received my promotion, new job title, and 25% raise.  What happens tomorrow?  I'm moving into my new place and will be able to rest and enjoy life and all the boys that it may bring my way.  :-)  What spurred the last few months of my transformation and life changes...the end of an 8 year relationship.  Crazy...I know.   But sometimes you need a stupid random horoscope to remind you to give yourself a break and enjoy the time for yourself. 

Here's to that rest and the fun that I'll have once I get up and running again.  I think I'll take in donuts for my crew today...sugar always gets us going on the right foot.  :-) 

Here's a few nibbles for breakfast...

I LOVE John Cena!  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

What an intense couple of days ahead!  I just realized that today is my review at work...of course I was the one to schedule it with my supervisor, but at least I'm getting one.  I basically had to say..."It's been two and a half years since I started in this position, I'm doing a job far above my's time for a review and promotion."  Which was followed by, "Yes, we need to do that!".   Which I replied with..."Before May 1st."    So, I am looking forward to that part of today.  :-)  Sometimes you just have to be bold and say what you want when you know you've proven yourself and have the information to back it up.   I've come a long way from being that fat kid on a bus getting made fun of and never saying or doing anything about it!

On top of all of this of course is my move.  My Lesbians are coming over tonight to help me move all my boxes and furniture into one area to save the movers time and save me money.  Since my new place is on the third floor with no elevators, I want to make sure they save a lot of time for there.  I promised beer and pizza and the lesbians were in before I got to pizza.  Of course I had to remind them to leave the uhaul at home...and their cats.  :-)  But considering my lack of a vagina, the uhaul was only slightly in their was the smell of boxes that brought it to their minds.

Friday I have my walk through and get my keys!!  Let's fast forward to then, and then fast forward to Saturday afternoon.  If life were only on Tivo!

Well, I'm about to finish my coffee and get going for work.  The boys are walked, fed, and are in the midst of their morning play time.  If these wet boys don't make you thirsty, I give up.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Better Get Packing!

I have one night before I need to stack my stuff and prepare for two beefy guys and their truck to help me get to my new place.  I better get packing!

Hump Day

Well, I didn't get as much packing done as I had hoped last night.  While I have almost everything major ready, it's those final things that I need to piece together.  I have more kitchen items that I know what to do with!  I'm at least lucky to have a week or two after my move to come back to the house and get any remaining items.  I just want the movers to do as much as possible!  I'm treating myself this week to wholefoods salad bar for dinner...I'm too busy to cook, and that means I'm BUSY!

Work started off crazy yesterday.  I walked into the office and it was literally raining over the staircase to the second floor and then I walked to the front desk to find out what was going on and the only printer at the front was not responding to any attempts to print or receive faxes.  Do you think anyone called the AC guy to let him know it was raining in the  Of course it was the air conditioner draining after it froze up over night.  Luckily it wasn't producing more water, just emptying.  That also meant that the air conditioner on the second floor wasn't working...meaning our thermostat upstairs was readying 90 by the afternoon.  Luckily, my staff was able to get everything done up there in the morning and we all just camped out on the first floor.  I'm hoping when I walk through the door this morning it's less of a barrage of "WTF is going on".

Tonight is my final boxing night and the last night I'll sleep in a bed in the house.  Tomorrow my friends are helping me stack everything in the front living room so that the movers have nothing to walk around and get, just straight from the living room to the truck!  It'll be weird to fall asleep tonight realizing how close to the end of this chapter I am.  I'm filled with so much excitement over what is to come and what adventures are around the corner for me.

Anywho...Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Back!

The weekend was everything I needed it to be!  Relaxing, reaffirming, and filled with laughs with great friends.  While I'm confident I'll be living back in southern california in the future, I realize that right now I need to be here.  I realize that being here and getting through this stage of my life is important.  Making this many changes, on top of a huge move would have been overwhelming.  Also, I feel like for some reason I needed to prove to myself that it wasn't my inability to be happy here that was holding me was being trapped in a relationship that was absorbing so much that I wasn't able to focus on ensuring that I was happy.  You can't fix everything with love and good food.

I'm relieved with my upcoming move...none of the normal stress that comes with packing, purging, and planning. Just pure excitement in the possibilities that lie ahead.  I can visualize how free and rewarding this new start will be for me and my dogs.  They're not showing any signs of stress or anxiety despite the boxes and chaos that the house is in.  It shows me that they too are ready for the move and the consistency and focus that we'll be able to regain.  It's almost as if this bump in my life that was so painful and jarring at first, through me into the lane that I was supposed to be in a long time ago.  I'm just catching up and enjoying every minute of it...and the boys that come along too of course.

After a long day of travel on Sunday...I came home and was still on west coast time.  Awake and not ready to give up on the day.  I've been texting and chatting with a guy that I just haven't had a chance to meet up with when he texted me after I got home and wished me a happy easter, I threw out my inhibitions and invited him over for tv and lounge time.  I was excited when he accepted the invite and even more delighted that he was adorable and a great cuddler.  We laughed and made fun of cake shows til 3am and then curled up in bed and went to sleep.  It was nice to just have a little spoon in bed to wrap my arm around.  He was sweet and shy and smelled divine.

Here's some beautiful backsides to celebrate the day with.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday (Easter) Supper

So, after a long day of traveling from the west back to the east...i'm home.  Relaxing on my couch with my dogs. They had as much fun as I did this weekend by the looks of how tired and exhausted they are.  They spent the weekend with my favorite Rock Star lesbians and of course their three dogs.  I was not worried that the boys would be well cared for, but I was a bit worried the 5 dogs would all get along the entire weekend.  Apparently, they co-existed and did quite well.  And there are tons of pictures to prove it.  They all took a hike through the woods and got to play in the stream.  What fun!   It's so freeing having friends that are willing to take them on and have fun with them like I do.

My weekend was amazing.  I know I use that word too much, but I'm just having a string of great times.  My friends from SoCal are the kind that you couldn't wish for if you had all the wishes in the world. They're the friends that you would take in if they needed a place to stay and the kind that would do the same for you without evening thinking about it.  I love that we can go weeks not hanging out, on different ends of the country, and then in an instant start up again with the laughs, fun, and like we haven't even missed a beat.
I love that I can just hang out with them, no schedule, no need to see and do anything specific, and yet the time together means so much...and the vacation seems so rewarding to the deepest part of my soul.  

I'm back and with a week of work between me and my new condo, it will fly!  I'm beyond excited to get settled there and hope that I can accomplish all of my "to do's" before the move.  Wish Me Luck!

I'll do my best to keep up with my notes here...and will surely need a good distraction from wrapping plates, and taping boxes.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful Love

Last nights wedding of a long time and very amazing friend was a reminder of how beautiful love is. Her and her husband are such perfect compliments in their spirit and zest for life's adventures. With the ocean as the backdrop, the ceremonies pure sincerity was immensely touching in so many ways. And just like the bride and groom the evenings festivities were equally fun. Weddings always make me want someone to hug and cuddle with at the end of the time I go to a wedding I'm bringing a man!

Off to enjoy some beach time and get fill up on some vitamin D. It's great to be surrounded by friends that all just enjoy being together and enjoying the experience and laughter.

Friday, April 22, 2011

TGIF Socal Style

Had an amazing night last night with a fabulous friend driving along the socal coast in a ferrari! It was a beautiful night with wonderful company and as always endless laughs. We had a great dinner at one of my fave spots overlooking the coast. Tonights my friends wedding and its sure to be filled with hot surfers and beautiful friends. Lots of dancing is planned! Will be sure to write more soon! Thanks for your support and for keeping up with my adventures.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Westward Bound

Heading to San Diego early in the morning.  I'll have my laptop, but not sure how much time i'll be getting to keep everything in order on here.  So excited to see my west coast friends and enjoy the beautiful wedding of one of them.  There are guaranteed hot surfers at this wedding...cuz the groom is one of them and he has lots of friends!

It'll be a whirlwind from tomorrow morning until my movers drop the last box in my new place next Saturday morning.  I'm hoping to keep up with everything, but will at least do a recap if I can't each day.

Til then...a little inspiration for my night's sleep.


Had a great second date last night with ice cream guy.  We met up with a few of his friends and my lesbians at a bar for Drag Bingo.  Enjoyed dinner and a few beers and lots of laughs.  It's always good to have a potential boy meet your's actually imperative.  Of course I'll take this opportunity to note that my lesbians are hip, beautiful, and they just play rock!  They're one of the main reasons I chose to stick around and not flee to the west coast when my relationship began to crumble.

Anywho...I won bingo!  Unfortunately the prize pool wasn't anything like the local vfw...but i did get a cheesy lava lamp to get out for parties.  Of course it looks like a lit heated but plug, but we'll just avoid mentioning that at parties.  Yesterday was a stressful day at work as I had to relieve someone from their job due to repeat performance issues and poor attendance/timeliness.  No matter how obviously necessary it is to let someone go, it's never easy.  Actually the worst part of any job I've ever had.  But it's a professional responsibility I'm willing to accept as a means to build the business and guarantee success for my employers, my staff, and myself.

Today's horoscope a good it'll be a great day!  And I'm off to San Diego tomorrow morning so it'll just keep getting better!  

P.S. - Ice cream guy is an amazing kisser.  :-)  Had a lovely little make-out session when he dropped me off at home.  I felt like a 16 year old making out when his parents are inside sleeping.  So looking forward to the freedom of my own place and my new life.  Good kissing is just so refreshing for the soul!

Ok, here's a little nod to the shaved/buzzed humps that make me stop dead in my a shaved head!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

So, last night was interesting to say the least.  I sat here about thirty minutes past when I my date was supposed to call and figure out where we were headed.  I was annoyed and bummed at how flakey people can be.  So I was obviously excited to get a text from a guy I met at Friday's happy hour.  We chatted a bit and he joked that he was ordering thai food and what did I want him to order me.  I answered Panang Curry with shrimp.  It then became apparent he totally thought I was kidding and had no intention of coming over for dinner and some tv.  When I said I was dressed for a date and completely serious, he was pretty excited.  I guess not everyone is as spontaneous as I am.

We ended up enjoying thai food on his couch and just shooting the shit watching Rupaul's Drag Race.  He's a very sweet guy.  But I think just friends, but it was cool to just hang out and not having any weird expectations.  Of course right about when I was finishing my food I got a text from my actual date.  I let him know I was eating because I thought he bailed.  He thought we said 8-9 or something...anywho, not sure what happened there, but it is what it is.  As I left my dinner date to get home and ready for today, I got a text and his address with an invite for a glass of wine.  I can't turn that down!  He had really cute dogs and we watched a movie with some wine.  Not intense chemistry, but he was easy to talk to and his couch was as comfy as the first, I was ok with it.

So, what do you call two dates in the matter of a few hours? that double dating?  Oh boy, I sound a bit like a tramp...except I didn't even make out with either of them, so that just makes me social right?
Of course tonight I have a date with the hot guy I went to ice cream with last week.  Very much looking forward to it.  He's been the first and only guy so far I just felt really comfortable with and that I really would love to hang out with more.  Should be a fun and a bit dramatic day at work today, but I have to shower and get ready for the big and will have to share the whole story once the shit hits the fan.  Luckily I'll be the one operating the fan.

Have a great tuesday...and enjoy the tattoos til tomorrow.  :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

MANdatory Mondays

Brisk morning walk with my boys gave me the clarity to realize that I just spent my last weekend in the house I share with my ex.  Eight years later and it comes down to counting the days.  My move is less than two weeks away and I'll be heading to Southern California for a wedding on Thursday and enjoying the weekend there.  Then I'll be coming back and in a mad rush of final moving prep.  So, I'll be enjoying the calm before the storm the next few days.

I feel emotionally and almost physically ready for the move.  I think my boys are ready and they seem to not be stressing anymore and have settled in to seeing boxes and packing.  They're so intuitive and I do everything I can to reduce the stress that I'm sure they're going to go through with the changes about to happen.  While I have attacked my own emotions head on, keeping my thoughts on them helps me stay focused on all the positive changes that are ahead.

I have a date tonight so I'm going to get to work early so I can come home and change and get myself looking good.  Hoping for a nice relaxing date and good conversation.  He's pretty damn cute too.

Here's to a good Monday and an even better week.

Sunday, April 17, 2011