blog advertising is good for you Men-O-Night: August 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hump Day

While my love life begins to is beginning to irritate the shit out of me.  There is still no resolution to the owners and they continue to work around each other like it's at all feasible for their staff to continue to work with such a unending rift.  The guy who so obviously wants out and did his best to take us down is now back acting like business as usual...and getting comfy.  It's grating to everyone, and considering I'm the channel between the owners and the staff, it's beginning to really get to me.  I'm not willing to let it effect me like it has in the past, so I'm beginning to consider alternative career paths.  Keeping my eyes open, and my ears peeled.  It's stress no one needs, especially when so much else in my life is going so right.  Can't I get a break and have all my pieces working in harmony...for at least a bit?

So, on to what's working.  The Mr. is more amazing than ever.  Charming me with another gorgeous flower arrangement and meeting some of my work friends at a happy hour.  We communicate on such a level that we can totally understand what each other is saying with so few's so refreshing.  He's so vibrant and aware of life and the gifts that are out there, that it's completely rubbing off on me.  I'll be meeting a big group of his friends next that will be an exciting step.  My friends loved him...and the lesbians want him to father their child. Of course they are forbidden to speak of that until we're sharing beers and its far down the which time I will again insist that they mustn't make the statement at all like they are serious, even though they most likely are.  Silly Lesbians!

So, i'm doing laundry...and catching up on bills so I can start the month on a good step.  Getting things done so I can enjoy the weekend.  Happy to just be home on Hump Day and know that I only have two more days  at work.  And a short work week next week!!!

Cheers...and queers. - Rin

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

Where the hell did the year go...and yes, I know that makes me sound old and crotchety, but seriously!  I love Fall, but the fact that it's almost September and I definitely should have either picked jeans or a sweatshirt this morning for my dog hike means that somehow I've blinked and it's almost gingerbread latte time.  I haven't even savored my first pumpkin spice of the season and it feels like I missed it.  Although I've been so good at only getting iced coffee all summer, the guilt of a pumpkin spice latte may throw me over board...with sinful glee that is.  :-)

I can't stop thinking about how great the weekend was.  Sunday afternoon we chatted and ended up having dinner together and hanging out most of the evening.  It was just icing on an already delightful and insanely stunning cake.  And on top of me being completely  dogs adore him too.  When he came back to my place to meet up before we went for dinner, they freaked out with I haven't seen them do in a long time (mostly because I'm trying to train them to be calm with guests), but I just let them bounce and bark with joy because they were just displaying a mirror image of what I was feeling too.  It's funny how much dog's can pick up on and how unreserved they are about showing their emotions.  Kinda wish life didn't zap that out of us.

Anywho, my work peeps planned a happy hour tonight after work...and Mr. will be joining me and meeting the crew.  I know he can hang, and was thrilled he so willingly accepted the invite.  I'm excited for him to meet them, and vice verse. Although not everyone is gonna be there, at least he'll get an initial idea and meet some of them.

I've gotta finish my coffee, figure out breakfast, and feed the boys...then off to the office.
It's gonna be a fun Tuesday for sure.  - Rin

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sleepover Survival!

So, in anticipation of the storm I invited Mr. over for a hurricane sleepover.  We had planned a night out on the town, but in thinking the storm would hit mid-night out, we thought it would be best to stick close to home and stay in.  I was stocked and he loved the idea that I got stuff to make s' the sterno came out after dinner and we sat on my couch and roasted marshmallows in my living room.  It was delish, as was the company.  He's so freaking sweet and hot that I can't even comprehend it all.  He brought this gorgeous flower arrangement and it's just stunning.  Like a centerpiece at the trendiest place in town. So cute.

Anywho, we chatted into the night and had midnight dessert, ginger peach crisp & ice cream on my bed watching out the window at the storm.  Yes storm...very over rated as there was about as many leaves down as there were a few weeks ago when we had a storm...not a hurricane.  Although it will be nice to have a case of water bottles in my car, I feel relieved I was not one of the hordes of people flocking to the store and stocking up on ridiculous shit they'll never use.  We didn't even lose power at my house.  I swear my condo was built to withstand a war...didn't lose anything in the earthquake, and it held firm last night.  Although a glass full of water did fall off the nightstand, but that was our fault.  :-)

So, today I am kinda just in a state of mental bliss.  Just really trying to soak it all in and figure it all out.  It's been so long since I've had these giddy feelings that are actually based on a consistent and responsive guy actually openly saying he likes me. It's refreshing.  And I love it!  And on top of things he's so freaking fun to be with...and killer on the eyes!  That's where I am now...gonna head out to the trail for a run, since my gym closed until tomorrow for the "hurricane".  Grr...I called and they still didn't open despite the lack of actual reason to close.  So, trail run it is.

Namaste bitches - Rin

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Bears, Oh My!

How do we get hit with an earthquake and a hurricane in one week?  I blame the Tea Party.  lol...well, if I actually cared about politics...I'd probably blame someone, so why not them.  Crazy week as usual, but I just was drained and couldn't even figure out what to post.  I'm really wearing down at work with the crazy owner still showing up everyday and acting like nothing is going on in the background.  No one is talking as to when the courts will make their final decision and when the split will actually happen.  It's getting painful and I'm beginning to no long have the ability to cover up my feelings at work and keep my mouth shut.  When you're exhausted, it's hard to just smile and play along.  Plus, I have no desire to give him the pleasure of thinking that he belongs there when he so clearly tried to wipe us out.  But that's work...and it's Saturday, so lets move one.

I'm stocked and ready for whatever Irene brings my way.  My dogs have food, I have water, and I have lots of good healthy snacks, and a few basic comfort foods too.  The guy I've been on a few dates with and I had planned a real date night on the town tonight, but in respect of the oncoming weather system, we thought we better stay close to home and play it safe.  I'm still not sure what we'll do, go out or stay in...but I know that it's officially been labeled a "Hurricane Sleepover".   I get chills thinking about being wrapped up in his arms and just waking up next to him.  I'm so addicted to the whole cuddling and snuggling, and considering the weather...I'll be even more in the mood to spoon!  I haven't felt like this about someone in a very long time, so I'm trying to stay level headed and keep my wits about me...but it's hard.  I'm a Taurus, my passion gets the best of me.

My dogs adore him, and he is so comfortable with them and not bothered when they're at their craziest.  Which is so nice.  When I have to take them on a quick potty walk when he's here, he insists on going and enjoys it.  I'm not used to that.  I used to have to drag my ex with me...and when he did go, there was always some issue to complain about.  So, I can't help but really hope that we continue to spend time together as I am really excited to get to know him better, meet his friends, and see where things go.  Even his smell turns me on...and makes me a bit nutty!  :-)  I think the fact that I am in such a better place with myself, and I'm feeling like I'm actually on my way to reaching some life long goals with my health and self image, that having someone like him there to reinforce that in such a natural and sincere way is truly a gift.  I'm grateful for whatever time I get with him!  His creativity and relaxed spirit are intoxicating.

So, here's to a great evening and what I hope to be a start to something special...along with surviving a hurricane at the same time.  What a story to tell the grandkids the god children maybe more like it.  I'm in the spirit of kissing and just staring into his here's a few inspiration pics.  Hope you enjoy and have a safe night if you're in the eye of the storm.  Hunker down, and get down!  - Rin

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday was a weird day.  With the earth shaking all along the East Coast...and everyone here not used to it, the day just felt off.  No damage at home or work, so I was grateful for that.  My dogs faired well and after a long walk in the woods they seemed to relax and were not more needy than normal.  The folks at work that have not lived on the West Coast were very frazzled...immediately wanting to run out the door for fear of aftershocks.  The psychologist in me likes to sit and watch peoples reactions, how they feed off of those around them, and how they seem to work each other into a tizzy.  Meanwhile, life must go on.  And newsflash folks, if there is ever an actual disaster in the aren't going to be getting through on your cell phone reliably.

Anywho, just another day today.  Walked the trail and could have even had a sweatshirt and jeans on...but I'm still in shorts, t, and flip flop mode.   I usually am in that mode a few walks in until my toes go numb and I realize I'm just being stubborn.  Good news about today is that I'm having dinner with that dreamy dude...I guess this would be date 4.  Eeek, I'm making dinner.  Which I know how to do luckily, but the added desire to make something that he really enjoys, without any input or requests, is a bit stressing.  I baked peach crisps last night in individual ramekins...with gingersnaps ground down and mixed into the crumb topping.  I know he likes peaches because we shared one the other night, and I know he likes ginger because we had thai food with it in.  So, all I'm hoping is he likes the main course.  :-) Hoping for nice weather so I can fire up the lesbo grill and cook on my patio.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

Ok, must feed the boys, shower, and get to the office.  Hope everyone's Wednesdays are delightful and rumptastic.  These boys below sure do have milkshakes that bring all the boys to the yard!  - Rin

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

I can smell and feel the coming of Fall...and I love it!  I'm really hoping we actually get a good long taste of it too.  Last year we blew from summer right into winter it felt like, so I'm really hoping for lots of days for my hoodies and no sign of snow for months.  I hate winter coats!  So freaking bulky, I hate that feeling.

Anywho, hoping for a calm day at the office today.  I'm just waiting for the day that I come in and all of the crazy guys stuff is gone and the end of that chapter for our clinic is over.  It will be like Christmas and Halloween combined...regardless of when it happens.  I just wanna see everyone's excitement and energy when it happens.  I want to be there when everyone finds out...and I want it to happen SOON!  I probably don't need to explain how awkward it is for me and the other co-worker who testified against have him there, acting like it's business as usual.  Creepy.

Back to the Fall topic.  The boys and I had a great walk...crisp, cool, and super comfortable.  They're staring at me for breakfast, but they have a few minutes til it's time.  I think I may be in such a chipper mood so early in the morning because I hit another 8 mile run last night on the 75 minutes!  My legs aren't any stiffer or sore today than normal...but I'm thinking that may come tomorrow.  I can taste 13 miles already, and I have til November til the half marathon.  If I can get there by the end of September, I'll have so much time to  just get myself even more comfortable with the concept...and confident with myself.

Ok...time to feed the pups and get going for work.  Hope your Tuesday is full of laughs and hotties.
Do I have to mention that I'm already craving my next tattoo...I may need to get a mini one in San Diego when I'm there for my friends wedding in November.  If I can hold out that long.  Just to have something on me from So Cal.  :-)

Enjoy the ink! - Rin

Monday, August 22, 2011

MANdatory Mondays!

Another amazing weekend...and another Monday.  Isn't crazy how we build Monday up to be such a dreaded beast...and it so delivers sometimes.  But good things first.  Friday I got a last minute invite from a friend to join him for dinner at a great restaurant since his douche of a boyfriend bailed on him and he had killer reservations.  The food was delicious and there was a crazy lightening storm right on the water which was perfect since we had seats in their upper room which is surrounded by windows.  Saturday I had a killer day.  Breakfast at my fave diner with my lesbo and then I treated myself to a new tv finally.  Gone is the 12" black cube and in it's place a beautiful flat screen that fits perfectly on my shelving unit.  I ended up craigslisting my beloved dining table after realizing it was far too large for my new condo and sold it for $100 more than my tv cost, so already it was a great day.

After those two transactions occurred within 30 minutes of each other, I hit the trail and had a good run. Really hoping to be up to speed for the half marathon in November.  Had a drink date with a new guy that turned into a dinner date after we both chatted and decided to hang a bit longer.  Sweet guy, great conversation, and a nice walk around a cute neighborhood after.  While I am totally smitten with the other guy I've been hanging out with and have since seen for a 3rd date, you can always have more friends...right?  So, onto 3rd date.  We had booked it for Wednesday this week, but Sunday he got off work and gave me a ring in the afternoon...wondering if I wanted to have dinner.  Ummm...Yes!!  I felt like a school girl all giddy inside trying not to walk around my condo on my tippy toes in excitement.  Believe me, I haven't had that feeling in a LONG time.  He came over, we just hung out a bit, snuggled on the couch cuz we were both a bit nappy, and my couch has a way of sucking you into it, especially when the sun is at the perfect angle.  I'm just so addicted to those simple things like curling up together on the couch, wrapped up in each others arms and legs and just enjoying each others energy and comfort.  It was sublime.

Eventually though, you gotta eat.  So we went to dinner and came back here to watch a movie.  While my movie selection sucks ass, we didn't feel like walking to the we dealt with one of my lame ones.  I think it was just nice to sit and relax together.  He has an amazingly calm presence, and makes me feel so comfortable.  No feeling like I need to entertain or put on a show.  Did I forget to mention he showed up for the last minute evening with flowers?  Ugh, I melted when I opened the door.  I'm not a flaming queen by any means, but damn was he hot standing there with flowers and his shirt open down a few buttons, with jeans and flip flops.  I mean come on, give me a chance to breath a bit!  So sweet.  Anywho, I'm just kinda feeling that nervousness that one gets...when you're 12 and you like a boy, and you think he likes you back.  It's like, what's next?  

Well, we have a date on Wed...which I had planned to make him dinner here and watch a movie, but I have to think of something more exciting than a movie now since we did that Sunday.  So pressure is on.  Then, as if I wasn't already smitten, he texted me today asking if we could have a date Saturday too...because he doesn't have to work Sunday and he'll be able to really relax and stick around.  Wiped my schedule clear for that night!  :-)   My parents were coming into town for the day, but I'm having them come Friday night, so we can start the day earlier and hence they'll be on the road earlier.  I'm great at multi-tasking and can make a schedule like no one else...years of retail and restaurant management in my past lives. I'll fit in the gym too, you watch.  Speaking of...I've been rambling...while I've been texting and chatting on the phone, so it's that time tonight when I must go be a slave to the treadmill.  Gonna try and get in a longer run tonight if my body cooperates...actually, usually my mind is the weak part.  But, even just getting onto the thing is better than sitting here on my ass right?

Ok, MAN time....and boy are these men delicious!  WOOF!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Crazy week...feel so behind since my last post was Tuesday.  I had a great 2nd date!!  Great!  Just enough making out to ensure a third...without being sleazy and doing more.  He's a great kisser, which is a must.  Duh!  And we just had such an easy time talking through dinner and enjoyed a movie on my couch.  Really enjoy spending time with him and we have the third date set for Wednesday.  Possibly a quick drink tomorrow if he gets a work project out of the way in time.  That would just be icing on the cake.

This week was rough with work.  Very stressful stuff going down and I'm thrown in the middle of a war between owners.  Being the next in line from them means that all my teams are just looking at me for information and confidence in the security of their jobs.  It's hard to keep that face up all the time when I begin to question the same for myself.  It hit the fan this week for me though when I was called to testify in the court case between the two as they're battling over how to divide the business and who gets what.

 I'm so far on one of my boss's side that I essentially had to stare at the other and say in court that I would never work for him and if the court chose to give the business to him and force the other out I, along with the entire staff, would walk. Which is true...but considering that boss showed up to work Wednesday morning and just as crazy as ever went along like nothing is going on.  He wanted to talk to me about changes he made to my quickbooks settings and backups.'re trying to shut us down and wipe my teams jobs out by taking my other boss to the cleaners...and you're seriously acting like it's a normal day.  Stay home, wait for the verdict, take your share, and leave us the hell alone!   But alas, you can not expect normal behavior from crazy people.  No seriously, crazy.

So, now we one is allowed to talk until there is a verdict and no one knows when that will come.  You better be certain i'm lighting a candle of luck every night that it resolves in a matter of days. Let's move on and keep cranking the biz as we have been when crazy boss was on a 6 month leave...when we all loved coming to work.  Yeah, lets get back to that!

Ok...i've vented.  Here's some flocks of men to admire...and I have a drink date with a new guy tonight.  You gotta keep meeting people, ya know.  Who knows, I may meet my new best friend!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Date Night :-)

Date number two with a beautifully sweet and hot guy.  Date number two is always so interesting, don't you think.  It's like the make or break date.  Date one you can still kinda have things that you still wanna know afterwards and there's still a chance that maybe your first impression was a good or bad way.  But date two...I feel like it is that hump that you either slide down and keep rolling, or you just can't get yourself over.  I remember my first date with my ex...eclectic coffee shop in the gayborhood of San Diego. The second date is foggier, but i'm pretty sure it was a wine tasting with his room mate and his room mate's girlfriend.  They are now married with a child, two cats, and an English Bulldog.  Wedded bliss I assume.

 I'm back on the scene and to be honest, loving every minute.  Sure there are lonely nights...and nights when all I wanna do is curl up on the couch with a guy and fall asleep in his arms.  But, the freshness of each meeting and each glance right making me see the world in a whole new light. Also, I am carrying with me a hell of a lot more confidence than i had 8 years ago.  My friends this weekend, who are all happily married, pointed out that being single in your 30's is so much more fun than your 20's.  I have so much more knowledge of life and ability to cut to the point and not fuck around with asshats.  Plus...I have a bit more means to make dating fun.  I have my own make second dates...or third dates even more fun.  :-)  And I'm just in a more balanced place with who I am, what I want to accomplish in life, and where I see myself.  And having that makes finding the right person seem more feasible...and walking away from the wrong person that much easier!

So, that's where I stand.  Waiting for my date to show up so we can head to dinner.  Our first date was a beer date and a stroll around town.  Ended in a great hug and a soft kiss...with a bit more kissing just before he drove off.  I'm looking forward to tonight and by his sweet and heartfelt texts this week...he is too.  Here's to getting over the hump and enjoying the ride.  No, I am not being dirty...but obviously I noticed the pun.


Tattoo Tuesday


Today I'm ready to fight...oh it's on! 
Court at 10am to testify for my boss and against his business partner who is trying to rape the company and pretty much put us in the hole.  So, wish me luck and here goes nothing! 
Oh, and can George St. Pierre be my back up!   

Monday, August 15, 2011

MANdatory Monday

I'll have to post an update later tonight...but for now I've hiked my dogs, poured my coffee, frothed my milk...and will be in the shower in no time.  Crossing my fingers for an uneventful, easy day.  Had a great evening last night at dinner with friends...and chatted on the phone twice with my friend in Canada.  Distance is a bitch. But alas...we have ways of staying connected and I'm hoping to make a trek up there soon.

For now...enjoy the men that make Monday Bearable.  :-)  Rin