blog advertising is good for you Men-O-Night: June 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot and Happy!

I'm off to the beach!  Had the whole day off today too to prep, bake goodies, and make sure my bois are tired and ready for the drive.  Nothing like an energetic dog panting by your ear to make the drive more fun. So I'm hoping the heat and walks today wipe them both out and they just curl up and sleep.

I baked some s'mores cookies for the trip and have a beach cooler full of snacks I've been avoiding for weeks.  I made some homemade mint tea from my patio garden and the travel mugs are prepped, ice is made.  I don't mess around here folks!  It sounds like it's a huge trek...but we'll only be in the car for 3  I just like to have rations for any it's vacay the minute I start the car.

So, that's that.  It's supposed to cool down by tomorrow so we can at least enjoy the beach and not die of heat exhaustion...which is always a bonus.  Looking forward to it all.

Cheers - Rin

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


One more day left tomorrow to get through and then I'm off to the beach. Can not wait and can hardly stand having to get up and go to work even one more day.   I'm such a beach bum stuck three hours from the beach.  Just living for the now and hoping that down the road I get to once again have my morning coffee and walk down the surf without being on vacay.  Of 4 short weeks I get to show Mr. my old stomping grounds in So Cal...that will be epic fun.

Well, that's all for now...gotta get back to my house duties and get my mind settled in for the evening.

Enjoy the sun...or rain if that's what you need today. - Rin

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Sip

Enjoying a cup of coffee w my dogs nestled beside me is a great way to start the day. Off to work soon and then making Mr homemade pesto pizza. Enjoying as much of this amazing weather as I can!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

R & R

In the midst of a 9 day stretch and luckily keeping myself from over thinking it and getting myself into a panic.  Last night Mr and I had a great evening with my Rock Star Lesbos at their new pad.  They aren't walking distance by any means, but I'm excited for them to have a new place to call their own and that life is treating them so well.  Mr. and I are loving the patio weather and we have it suited out like you wouldn't believe.  We made the cutest patio herb garden out of a rustic metal wall magazine rack from Homegoods...I'm addicted to Homegoods!  It is growing so well and it's awesome having fresh herbs again for my cooking frenzies.  Our heirloom tomatoes are doing great too and we already have some tomatoes on them.

Last fall on our beach weekend we fell in love with this amazing vine growing up a building along the boardwalk.  It was this gorgeous combination of purple and green leaves with little purple flowers and these  crazy purple green pods.  We had no idea what it was, but snapped off a piece and brought it home in water.  It was doing well on our window sill, but ended up not making it.  On our most recent flower buying spree at our favorite nursery we ended up finding it...a Hyacinth Bean.  So, we of course snatched it up and it's trellising up a crazy piece of thick root vine that we drug up from the creek.  Anywho, super excited that the patio is open and such an inviting place to check out and relax.

I'm hoping for a good weekend at work so that next week rolls with ease and doesn't just hammer me to the ground.  I keep thinking I'll get a call about a cool job with a regular schedule and that I can just dive into without so much turmoil...but until then...I'm gonna press on and make shit pretty and avoid the drama.  For now I'm going to get a bit of patio time in the the dogs while Mr. is off making pretty shit and then he to work.  It's going to be a late night I can tell, so I need as much peace as I can muster.

Enjoy the beautiful day and soak up some sun...unless you're albino, then cover up and stay safe.

- Rin

A little beach inspiration for the weekend.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Life is buzzing and summer is quickly setting in.  I'm just keeping my head up with work and maximizing every minute I'm not consumed by it in some way or the other.  I am not letting the year go by without taking full advantage of long weekends, PTO, and any chance I get to lay out and kick back.  Mr and I are headed to San Diego for a week in just four short weeks.  A weekend in Rehoboth Beach just to get in some last minute family time in and do a joint Mother's/Father's weekend.  Taking the dogs and planning to get plenty of R&R.

I've realized how much Mr. has helped me realize the importance of taking time for yourself and valuing that time.  I have never been good at just taking my down time to relax...always trying to get ahead on chores, projects, and what nots.  Always putting off what I would like to do for what needs done.  There is obviously a time and place where that just is what it is...but there is also a definite need to give yourself a break.  I realized that the less time you think you deserve to spend on taking care of your own mind and body, the more time you actually need to spend on it.  And the more you give yourself that time...the more free and grateful you are for all the rest of the time you have out in the world.

Anywho...that's my rambling.  After a 4am alarm and a long ass day at the sweat shop I am still going strong and trying to not freak out about my 9 straight days of work before my weekend.  I am still trying to squeeze out my Memorial Day off since it's been to crazy to take it since'll get squeezed in somewhere I'm told, but I'm not holding my breath. :-)  I am squeezing in lots of baking...and working on an idea for another blog and eventual mini cookbook idea.  I'll have to test some pics on here and hide them in between hot men to see if anyone notices that they are yummy in a slightly different way.  

So...I must go, prep dinner for my man and maybe get a chore done here or there in between.  Breaking old habits takes at least 20 days.  lol.

Cheers - Rin