blog advertising is good for you Men-O-Night: July 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

HUNGover (slightly)

Well, intentions are always only as good as your will power to follow-through and clearly last night I was in no way capable of not getting a bit tipsy.  I wasn't smashed, but certainly not the 2 drink happy hour I had planned to have.  It was a crazy hectic day and i think the exhaustion of it all just got me to the bar a few more times than planned.  My iPhone crapped out yesterday morning, wouldn't charge, wouldn't sync, and was slowly breathing its last breath.  I had just enough time to email all of my contacts to myself.  Unfortunately I hadn't sync'd it to my new I lost everything else.  grrr.  I ended up upgrading to the 4...even though I know that in a month they'll have the 5, and i'll be annoyed again.  But I didn't have much choice.

So, after finished at the apple store I ran over to my tattoo parlor and we worked up the final design for my thigh piece.  It's insanely gorgeous!  I'm so excited.  Once the redness goes down and it settles up a bit, I'll share a picture.  After that I came home, walked my boys, and then hit Happy Hour with my gaybor.  He was on fire...making out with different boys at every turn.   I think I kinda was in a weird mood being rushed through the whole day and I just was kinda milling about people watching.  Ran into some friends and then swapped bars.  All in all a fun night.  We went through the drivethru on the way home for a snack and we tried to pay for it with condoms we picked up on the way out of the bar.  The restaurant staff was dying laughing.  Luckily they were in a good mood.  :-)

I got a lot of errands done today...need to do a bit more tomorrow...and hit the gym.  I'm home tonight, pondering making a nice dinner for myself...or just doing something easy cuz why bother. Quiet night in.
So, not horribly hungover, more tired from a week I hope not to repeat.  Going to enjoy some downtime and not stress about being unproductive tonight.

And now for something I wish I was enjoying after dinner...a Hung one.  :-)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Night Bites

So, after a crazy week...and then today having one more employee bust themselves up and need time off...i had an amazing dinner date.  Such a charmer, and gorgeous.  Full sleeves in black and overload.  Sweet and we just had a vibe the entire night.  He made me feel so relaxed and giggly.  We sat outside on a busy street to people watching!  We seemed to key in on the same passerby's too without even saying anything we knew who we were watching and what smart ass comment we were each going to throw on the table. He has a presence that is very intoxicating...and i just had diet coke, so I know it was him peeps.  For realz.

I got home about 40 minutes ago...and he's still texting with me.  Damn school nights!  We sat for an hour or so after we finished dessert, just chatting and enjoying the night out.  We walked down the street to the parking garage and got into the elevator.  As the door closed he went as if to tickle my waist, but after a second of that, wrapped himself around me with the sweetest and strongest hug.  Then he kissed me, my back to the elevator wall.  The door chimed and we composed ourselves and walked out.  I grabbed his ass and told him that I had been thinking about that since we sat down for dinner.  It was nice and playful.  Like we were sneaking off to make out.  I dropped him off at his place along the street...pulled up so that we could talk a bit.  Before he got out he put his hand at the back of my head and pulled me over to him in my passenger seat.  As we kissed, my hand followed his arms and I just held his shoulder...not wanting to have to let go.  So, i had to drive off in a daze...through the city.  Luckily I knew right where I was and have my exit route spot on from my nights at happy hour and dancing.  Find the one street that leads me to the highway...and I'm on my way.

Still in a bit of a flutter.  Hoping our plans for lunch this weekend hold out.  Tomorrow is a big day, and I must now open my office because of my employees lack of judgment.  grrrrr.

Sweet dreams and happy tomorrows.. Rin


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dog Daze

There are some days that just seem like they could go on forever, and you just wanna scream half way through to make it all stop.  Just when work is on the fast lane upwards, old drama from psycho ex-business partners rears it's ugly head and forces everyone to focus on something other than the actual goals of the business.  I keep wondering when I will go at least a few weeks without someone else's draw to drama weaseling itself into my life.  I'm so not into creating, harboring, supporting, or even acknowledging people that spin themselves into a when friends and colleagues involve themselves with those very people, and it ends up on my plate...I get over it really quickly.  That's where I am today.  Over BS from other people's poor decisions on who they bring into their lives and how quickly they move them out when it goes south.

I know that's a lot of jumbled mess of ramblings, but that's just how my mind is right now...a bit jumbled.  I had slightly firm dinner plans I sit with no response and wondering what the hell to make for dinner now.  I already hiked my dogs 2 miles, but I may just throw on my gym clothes and go for a run before it gets too dark.  But I ran almost 7 miles at the gym yesterday, and feel a break may actually be good this once.  I just get antsy when I skip a day.  Like if I were running up hill and slowed down too much, i may fall backwards.  I think the weeks events are just making me question every decision and I'm just too exhausted to think clearly.  I've been working wackadoo hours making sure I am covering my sick employee...on top of doing my own job which is just too much when I attempt to still have a life.

Anywho...i must regroup, get outta the funk, and bring some good vibes my way.  My tentative dinner date never responded to my text that's my next plan.  Which should happen soon I guess.  Hrm.  A friend wants to meet up later too...but I told him I'd play it by ear and see what I felt like.  My boys are walked, and passed out.  I should run and find a nibble and tidy up in case my friend just pops over for a movie.  Let's all just grunt through to Friday and then have a killer weekend...mkay?  deal?  Awesomesauce.

Namaste Bitches - Rin Tattoos and not make a man hot. But, put em with a hot guy and he's off the charts!!      Just sayin...check out some proof!



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday

So, early ass morning to get in and open the office since staff are still out sick.   I think it's good for you every once in a blue moon to just get up at the crack ass of dawn and take a walk with your dogs.  It's like an entirely different world.  I keep seeing cars pass by thinking, "why the fuck are you awake?".  I'm sure they're thinking the same of me.  I'm starting to get a bit nervous for my tattoo on Friday.  It's not that I think it will be painful, because my first was in a much more sensitive area and I didn't even wince.  It's that it's on my thigh and big...and no longer just a artful piece on my foot.  It's almost like committing to the third and fourth ones.  Like I know I'll need to balance that out with an arm piece on my right shoulder at least.  Anywho...I'm on a time crunch this morning and must get my boys fed and myself ready for work.  Not to mention get some coffee in me!

Here's some guys that help me get through the week and look forward to Friday!

- Rin

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mandatory Mondays

Alarm went off, dogs pranced by my bed, I got up, stretched, tucked the morning wood into my trunks (cuz my blinds are always open), put my contacts in, semi dressed myself, walked my boys along the trail, smiled at the shirtless runner, came home, fed boys, brewed coffee, sat down, paid parking tickets...and now I don't wanna get up!  I need another day, please?   I'm realizing that not using my vacation and sick time is not wise...I think I need to be better at just forecasting out and plotting time off way in advance, rather than just saying, "I'll use it next month."  I have 70 hours of vacation time and 50 hours of sick...just sitting there.  When I plan on using a few hours here and there, the week gets insane and I end up comping the time off that I had with hours that I worked over.

So, I'm going to commit to myself to start plotting a day or two each month whether I have plans or not to just take a day.  I am headed out of town with old college friends in August which I really looking forward to.  And I have my parents beach house reserved just for me (and whoever I may be hanging out with at the time) in September.  I'm taking the Rockstar Lesbos (my bestie and her wife) to my families cabin over Labor day with my two boys and their three dogs...which will be a crazy adventure.  Don't worry bout me...i'll be safe with my lesbians.  Next up is possibly Toronto.  There's an adorable guy I met and have been keeping in touch with that lives there.  How are Canadians so nice?  They're just a touch north of us, what's going on up there that keeps them all that way?  The water? Anywho, he's a doll and offered to tour me around since I've never been as an adult.  Why pass up a free place to stay and a hot ass tour guide right?

I'd say that's at least a start.  I can't get to Christmas this year and realize I didn't at least expand my horizons beyond my normal vacation spots...of course I'll be headed to San Diego at least once before the end of the year, if not twice.  That being said I need to get moving and get into the office.  It's another week, and hopefully another successful boost to the new quarter.  We are hitting our stride and I really see my team motivated to keep it up.  Clients are loving the changes and the new fresh vibe we're carrying with us.  Drama be gone as we get closer and closer to the day my boss's crazy ass business partner is finally and completely severed from the business.  He bad joo joo fo sho.   Ok Lovelies...Monday is for the Man's Man...enjoy the day!

- Rin


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Supper

Well, this weekend was a mix of productivity & just getting through the heat.  When it's this warm my boys can barely make a quarter of their normal hike and you just don't even want to leave the house.  Watched a movie with a friend last night, went to breakfast at my favorite diner today, and then did some shopping for my condo.  New dresser is assembled and looks gorge.  I'm so thankful I was raised as a handy fag.  I can use a sewing machine, change my truck's oil, sew in a button, spackle a crack in the wall, repair a get the point.
I hope that when I do find a guy who sweeps me away he's handy too...think how great our house will look and how much we'll be able to save doing it ourselves.  With that kind of saving going on we'll be able to have amazing vacations!  :-)

Hoping to meet up with a guy for dinner this week that I hung out with a bit last Thursday.  Tomorrow night I'm supposed to be doing dinner with someone I met at happy hour a few weeks ago.  He's been out of town for work and just got back today.  As I tried to describe to my gaybor, when I say I have a date...I really actually mean a date.  Coffee, beer, or dinner.  No implication of anything else.  Sure, I'm a gay dude and if we click i'm not dumb or dead...but the majority of times I end up just having a good time meeting someone new.  Just had to say that cuz I realized I started spilling my schedule of dates for the week...and with the myriad of definitions of "dates" these was important to clarify I wasn't a hooker.  LOL.  :-)

Ok...I'm sleepier than a narcoleptic at an Enya I must get moving, pack my gym bag, set up my lunch for tomorrow, and get to bed.  Pups are passed out on the couches...and I will be out soon too.  Wishing I was spooning right about now...god do I love cuddling.  It's just the best isn't it.

 - Rin

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Arm Candy!

I have a serious weakness for big arms...on a hot guy.  Serious weakness!  I've been known to inadvertently touch them if they're standing too close to me in the friends just watch with shock.  But I usually just end up saying "This is nice" as I do it, and the guys usually enjoy the attention.  Now I just need to bring a pair home!  On a similar note, I'd like to have a pair myself.  Which will be an area of focus for the new training program for sure.  I want my t-shirt sleeves to breath a sigh of relief when i take off my shirt at night.  :-)

Anywho...easy day at the office...hectic, but smooth.  Went to the gym for running and abs.  Been keeping up on my stretching too, cuz you know I gots to stay flexible!  Came home to my boys and hiked them a short distance in the wretched heat.  I will admit a nap followed.  Now I'm about to jump in the shower and hopefully head downtown for a drink or two later tonight.  Feeling good & just keeping on the right track.

Tomorrow is some shopping extravaganza...with my Gaybor.  He swears he's only invited to help carry shit to my car...but that's not true.  He's a I need help carrying shit to my car.  ;-)

Well...I will most likely be grabbing onto one of these tonight...if not for the whole night at least for a hot minute while i'm sipping an ice cold bevie.  :-)

Tootles. - Rin

HAHA...i just realized almost all of my selections for tonight are inked...I must have Friday on my mind.  WOOF!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Every Day I'm Shuffalin, Shuffalin!

Here we are on Friday...and i'm totally not feeling it.  What happened Friday, what did I do to disturb our amazing friendship?  We've been raging for the last few weeks between great days at the office, team moral on high, and topping it off with happy hour and long nights on the town.  Now, I'm here unable to go to the outdoor show cuz it's so hot i'll melt faster than an M&M stuck in Dolly Parton's tits. I have a few people I'd like to hang out with but they're either out of town, or had plans.  The week of sick employees roles on into the weekend too, so I have to cover tomorrow morning.  It's like I wanna take the week and say, "Oh no you dih-int!"...then move on and get into a better one tomorrow.  Yes, tomorrow i'm starting a new week, forget the calendars line up!

Tomorrow after work I will figure out what's going down and by then may need to hit the clubs for some dancing and manscoping.  Hopefully it's not as hot tomorrow night so that I don't melt on my way into the bar.  I could just fill a camel pack with rum and diet and make it from the car safer that way.  You know what though...i have internet!  So take that Friday!  Booyah...I win!

On other notes:  I ran into a personal trainer at the gym yesterday that I see everytime I'm there and I've actually run into him around the area too.  He's always been super nice and friendly.  (get your heads out of your pants, I'm not about to say I am hooking up with him).  He came up to me on the way out and know when you're ready to really ramp it up dude, i'd totally take you on as a client.   I laughed at first...cuz he's built like a dark chocolate brick wall with guns the size of bowling balls...and that was my first nervous reaction.  Then I composed myself and said that I've been thinking about it but was trying to slim down a bit more before I do the building up.  His response was more classic than I could ever come up with myself: "I'll break you down AND build you back up."  Ok, yes, in the contexts of a gay porn...we'd be fucking sprawled over the stairstepper 2 minutes later...but once again, life is not a gay porn.  He's straight folks...with an adorable girlfriend who I wanna take with me shoe shopping. So, I walked away thinking...I can do it my way and possibly limp along and see results over the next 10 weeks....or I can sign up with him and in 10 weeks be so much farther along towards my goal...and feel that much more prepared to go all the way on my own.

So, tomorrow if he's there, i'm going to let him know I'm interested and see what the next steps will be and what his thoughts would be for a plan.  If I could have arms a quarter the size of his...i'd be stoked!  Plus, I think since I see him almost everyday when I work out, it would be extremely motivating to be doing what he set me up to do and I'd push myself more to prove I am following his plan.  So...that's the plan jan.  Gonna get this once fat kid that was too whiny and pathetic to hike up a hill at our family cabin into some serious full on shape.  Then, i'll figure out how to weed through the asshats and jackwagons to find my mr perfect and get swept off my hott ass feet.  :-)

Cheers to you and the start of a stellar weekend!
OH...P.S.  7 days and counting til my killer thigh tattoo is started.  It's big, it's beautiful, and you're going to love it!

- Rin

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thirsty Thursdays

So, I don't know where you are today...but the East Coast is hot and humid and i am not having any part of it!  Well, the dog walks still go on, but other than that I'm sticking inside and my condo is an ice box.  So excited tomorrow is Friday!  Treating myself to a half day and a massage.  Deep Tissue here I come.  I specifically requested someone extremely good at that style and that wasn't afraid to do it right.  The receptionist said...Oh, I know just the person....I'm thinking great, Helga is gonna come in tomorrow and jam her lesbian elbows into my back til there bruised and I can't show myself for a week.  But I had a moment of luck and she said "Tim is VERY good at deep tissue!".   So cross your fingers, toes, and even your legs...just this once...that Tim is tall, hot, and knows how to use his hands....oh, and will fix my wonky shoulder too, yeah, that too.

This week at work has been tight with the schedule...two people on the same team out which leaves me filling in the blanks.  Luckily at the start of the week I was super productive on my paperwork, billing, and officy work.  So I have the time to be more front and center and assist with my teams tasks...but I would love a week or two with everyone in their positions and healthy.  But I do enjoy getting to be with my crews on a longer basis than I am able to on a normal day as I can really get in and figure out what areas need addressed and what needs streamlined.  Plus, I love my teams and enjoy the more social environment rather than the office type work.  Of course when I need to buckle down and get office work done...that's when the phone starts ringing and people start lining up at the door needing me...ain't timing always a bitch like that.

Anywho poodles...I am looking forward to a few things on the coming days.  Tomorrow: obviously the massage with Tim!  Saturday: Furniture shopping for a new bedroom set.  Sunday: Farmers market to fill the fridge.  Next Friday:  I'm getting a big thigh piece done by my fave tattoo artist!  Eeeeeeekkk!  It's going to be insane.  So I've been killing my legs at the gym...and I think they're ready.  Then of course the mandatory Bear Happy Hour afterwards since I know my adrenaline will be pumping and there is know way I can sit at home.  ;-)  So...that's the highlights of the planner for next week.  Of course I like to sprinkle in some last minute excitement when I can.

Hope the world is treating you well today...drink up some of these refreshing pieces to cool you down!