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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Survived!

Training month was long and hard...much like the guys in all the pics I find...but I made it out alive.  Wasn't sure where my final location was going to be, but that came in a phone call on Friday.  It wasn't one of my original short list, but apparently I excelled enough through training to be moved into a key location where I'm told, "if you want to be known and have your name in with the big guns, you want to be here".  So I jumped at that chance and I should be starting there sometime this week.  Lots of variables in play as to how my transition into the new role goes and how the team takes to a new person at the wheel.  I'm going in with all the positives in mind and going to do my best to make an impact and move it in the right direction...gotta get up the ladder!

So, other than work life is grand.  Of course I sat down to do my taxes today so I can see how much fun Mr. and I can have on our trip out to SoCal, and realized I should invest finally in a CPA and try and get as much as possible so I'm not relying on the ol' web to give me a figure good enough to make me smile.  I wanna go out there to show him around and have a great time...not just a good time.  So, I at least organized receipts for my biz and have it all set.  I also redid my budget for the next few months and will be tracking things better to hopefully make a bit of a move in a year or so and get some real estate under my belt.  Not here though...hence the move and the need to prove myself to the big they support a transfer and I can keep climbing.

Mr. is still amazing me everyday and brought home a huge orchid with double blooming stems that took a giant pot when he repotted it.  I swear if we get any more plants in this place we'll be giving garden tours this summer!  The palm he brought home a month or two ago is thriving and busting out in the bedroom.  Can't wait til it's warm enough to get it on the patio and get that side of my room back.  The boys are well...a bit stressful getting them through my training as my day away was stretched to the max with a massive commute that had me gone 2 or 3 hours more than normal...not fun for two needy dogs!  But they did well with the Mr.'s amazing help and many meaningful and appreciated potty walks before I got home.

I'm more ready for spring and summer than I can even bear to contain.  I just want my flip flops and moonroof back in action.  And my patio for sunbathing.  It's been so mild, I can't complain...but i'm just ready for that switch and confirmation winter is gone.  Here's hoping it's over soon.  Anywho...thats about the reader's digest version.  I've been working, thriving, and trying to keep myself sane in the traffic.  Very much looking forward to an easier and shorter commute and solidifying myself in a new team.  Watch out!

So, for my first post in a's a bit of fashion that is not so street legal!
love it...keep smiling!  - Rin

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