blog advertising is good for you Men-O-Night: August 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Morning coffee and a Cinnamon Scone I whipped up last night.  The rest are for the new team at work, but I always have to make sure they're good enough to share.  Today is my last day of my first week since Mr. and I are off to NYC tomorrow.  Excited for the trip...nervous to leave the dogs.  But, once we check into the lovely hotel, some of that will melt away.  :-)

At weeks end I'm still excited about the new job, still see a lot of potential there, and I see a lot of room to make it what the owners what it to become.  Next week we'll see how they all respond to the first team meeting and everything I plan to lay out on the table.  Excited to be the person that they've wanted in their corner for quite some's fun to prove to people that things can change in the right direction and that the promises others made and never kept up, were not the teams fault, but that individuals inability to follow-through.

Meanwhile, I heard a rumor through the grapevine that the old clinic I left in January is crumbling under mismanagement and all the b.s. I was always working to push out of the clinic.  It's always a little extra nice to hear that people you've hired in the past at other employers, are seeking you out to work with you again.  Kinda makes me feel good.  And I love to have smart and trained staff right off the back that I'm 100% confident in their work ethic and abilities.  So, lets just say I have some great new hires lined up!

Ok, must shower, walk the beasts, and head off.  So nice not to be dreading what I'm headed to or having to rush to meet someone and unlock a door. The past stress is dripping off me like the glaze on those scones in the kitchen! - Rin

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday

Another day, Another dollar.  Not much to share...just absorbing as much as I can and making lots of mental (and written) notes.  Today, I need frozen yogurt.  Maybe I can convince Mr. we need to do a grocery run so we can go by the FrozenYo and make little cups with yummy toppings.

- Rin

Monday, August 27, 2012

MANdatory Monday

First day in the history books.  Great day...lots of lists of things to do, priorities to set, and people to start holding accountable.  That last one will be the kicker.  People love someone to dump their wants onto...but when they get back their part in the big wheel of business success...they tend to shut up.  But I am hopeful this group will see the benefits of crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's so everyone can still have a good time and be proud of where they work and the success we see.

Came home...deboned the chicken I had in the crock pot for the dogs...and am now just resting a bit before I start dinner for Mr. and I.  His Monday's usually suck, so hopefully he'll get home in time to unwind and enjoy a bit of the evening.  Making pan seared tilapia and pesto noodles.  Excited for anything pesto!

Random thought of the day:  If every car insurance company will save me $300-500 per year, I'd only have to switch 3-4 times until it's free.  Right?

Chew on it - Rin

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wind Down

This weekend was a good one...lots of R&R at home with Mr. and the dogs, quick workshop out of town, dinner party for friends...and that was just Saturday.  Today was epic...slept in, dog walks, naps, good food, more naps, and lots of quality time.  A great Sunday to start of the Sunday routine if you ask me.  Tomorrow I start my new job and all the fun of being the new guy in charge.  It's always fun walking in the first day and then weeks later looking back at all the perceptions, thoughts, and ideas you had initially...and seeing how far off or spot on you were.  So that'll be fun.

Looking forward to a quick week before the long weekend and a fun trip to the Big Apple to meet up with friends from out west and see some shows.  Staying at a fab hotel isn't all that bad either!  Keeping my fingers crossed the dogs are good for their sitter so I can relax and come home to a good report card.  :)  Always determines how quickly I schedule our next trip without them.  To be honest I'm hoping to take them to the beach or cabin soon...I love the Fall in both those spots, so I'm going to do my best to plan and make it happen so we don't hit winter and I hibernate into my cozy blanket and comfy pants.

So that's about it.  Just pushing away the nervous butterflies and going for it.  Hoping I can make it awesome and have fun along the way too.  Here's to the next chapter!

Cheers - Rin

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yesterday was a blur.  Woke up on my first day off in over a week and was hit with a cold.  Isn't that cloudy helium filled head feeling just the worst.  I think the worst is over, but just feeling a bit sluggish and behind the ball.  At least the sore throat and stuff is passed.  Hanging this morning with my dogs before my last close.  Tomorrow is my last day at this gig and my new job starts on Monday.  So essentially, I get my normal schedule and life back tomorrow.  Seems weird.  But I'm ready and excited about the opportunity.

Finishing up plans for a trip to NYC in a week and excited for that.  Travel plans always stress me out...with the dogs and all...but I'm excited to get out of town even for two days.  I think it'll spur some creativity and movement for me and help start this next round off on the right foot.  Really hoping I can just forget all the crap in my mind for a bit and enjoy the trip.  I'm always over thinking and over stressing...I need to work on that.  Anywho, not looking forward to a late night at work and knowing there's a big visit tomorrow in my store, so my last day won't be easy breezy like cover girl promises.  It's going to be awkward and uncomfortable...but at least it's the end of the madness!  I'm excited for that!

So, going to relax some more this morning and take the boys on a hike.  Enjoy what you have to the fullest!
 - Rin

Humpday Humor


Monday, August 20, 2012

MANdatory Monday

So, once again here I am after a long stint away from ye ol' blog.  I do  miss it and despite my past months I am hoping to get back into the regular.  In the last few weeks I had more than a few "come to jesus moments with myself in trying to really pinpoint what I wanted in my career and what steps I'd need to lay down to get there.  I had so many feelers out in so many different paths that I finally realized... with Mr's wise and insightful help of course...that I really just need to hone down my true passions in life and go from their.  I really have always been so driven, but burn out before I see the fruits of my labor...or hit a wall like a crazy business owner that is stealing from his own business and making his staff insane.  So yeah...I really analyzed all of my past experiences...what I loved...what I hated...and then scratched out the stuff that I hated that is just part of normal work life, like putting on pants in the morning or having a salary that doesn't afford me all the luxuries I ever want when I want them.  So, when push came to shove I decided on a path...and the world heard my new focus and I got a new job!

I remember being so excited in January...about all the possibilities and creative outlet of my job now...and am hoping that this isn't round two.  But I was certain to cross some neccessary elements off this will the schedule suck the living life out of me...and will I need to not only wake up before the sun, but actually already have half my day in by then.  Yeah, today was officially my last 3am wake up alarm.  I have 2 more days on the job and start my new gig next week.  Ironically it's the exact position I had before, just at a different site...with different owners...that are not emotionally tied to each other and a much better business model.  Lots more room for growth as well since they own a few practices. Already feeling the weight falling off my shoulders.  The last few months have been brutal.  Tomorrow is my first day off in 8 days and I am so looking forward to that never happening again.  I have already enlisted a team of friends to make sure I never say..."Hey, I miss retail".  And if I do, I am to be beaten and whipped.  Not in the good way.

So that's the job news.  Everything else is peachy.  Falling more in love ever day and really embracing all the possibilities of the future.  Dogs are crazy...which means they're well...and our little zen nest is truly home.  Of course we're wanting to buy a bigger place with a yard...but until then, we are cozy and enjoying our little den.  About to hit the kitchen and make some dinner...and I really am craving, I may just lose the battle to avoid it and throw one in the I even tried to avoid it.

Peace and Wine...more wine please! - Rin