blog advertising is good for you Men-O-Night: April 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday and Such

Again...after a long break I found some time to check in and post some thoughts and pics.  Things are grand in the man front...Mr. is still amazing everyday and I get more excited about the future for us each new day.  We are taking our first big trip this summer so planning that is in full swing.  Of course we're taking a few small weekend get aways before to get out of town and hopefully keep from getting bogged down by work and routines.

Speaking of work...what an adventure.  Roller coaster is more like it.  There are days I'm inspired and excited by all the possibilities that my recent jump into a new career has brought...and days I wish I could turn and run back to the comforts of routine and ordinary days.  Some of the downs in the coaster are working themselves out as team members that aren't pulling their weight drop off and we get new ones in that are excited and motivated to make changes.  Overall I think I am seeing change...slower than I'd hoped, but change none the less.  It takes time to affect a large group that has been left uninspired and underwhelmed for so long.  Building a team out of individuals never happens overnight...even if they've been working together for months or years in some cases.

My dogs are old guy ages a bit more every morning and it makes me cherish every minute with him and makes me try to absorb every wiggle and every smile he shares with me.  No matter how old he gets he still bounces with excitement and jumps off the couch to greet me.  If only I had that energy about the morning I'd probably be much farther along in life.  I am back up and running on a regular basis...without the assistance of a treadmill and gym membership this time too.  The trail is always a harder run, but I'm pushing for a good summer on the beach free of the old doubts and insecurities that I've had since I was a chubby kid pretending I was afraid of the ocean so I could sit on my town with my shirt on.  Gone are those days, but the past has a way of creeping in at times and sucking a bit of the fun out of I'm working hard to make sure that all is dealt with on the running path so I can focus on living now and being exactly where I want to be each day forward.  It's not always easy, but at least it's life...and I'm always grateful for every second.

Hope life is good in your world  - Rin