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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

So, today is definitely an appropriate day to share my last few days.  What a hectic weekend and the craziness rolled right into Manic Monday.  I didn't even have a breath to post a Monday note.  So, Saturday I laid low since Friday was so crazy...did a lot of me time stuff.   I am debating on whether I want to spend the money on a real tv...since I inherited the 12" gym tv in the split up.  I barely watch tv anymore, but I love movie nights...and this thing just is embarrassing if I have friends over for that.  So, I went a did some comparisons on some different types and trying to at least narrow down so I can decide what to do.  I'll probably end up just making a random and spuradic decision one day when I go out to get something simple like Peanut butter.  But that's just how I roll sometimes.

Sunday came and I got up early to get the boys out before the heat set in.  We had a great hike and they popped into the stream to cool off a bit on the way home.  Then I headed to the gym to do a run and some weights.  On my way out I got a text from the hottie I had my date with last Thursday.  He was just checking in on my day's plans.  We ended up chatting on the phone as I walked to my car and decided on a lunch date near my house.  Had a great time at lunch, just like our first date...easy conversation and a lot of playful back and forth.  We decided to head back to my place so he could meet my dogs and we just had an hour or two before I had to go meet friends that I had already made plans with.  We chilled and chatted on my couch...both kinda got nappy from our lunch and just kinda snuggled and were resting.  Then I decided to just lean in and kiss his neck, then ear.  Apparently that was a perfect move, because he had goose bumps galore and lifted his arm and his hair was standing on end.

He's such a great kisser...big strong guy, tattooed sleeves, tattoo on his back, and yet so sensitive and sensual.  We hung out kissing and talking...and laughing...and just enjoying each other for a while.  Then we walked my boys before I popped him back to the train to head back into the city.  I headed over to my good friends house for a great evening of food and catching up.  The hottie and I have chatted since and are definitely planning a third night...hence the increased thoughts about a new tv.  He will be out of town for two it will be a bit of a stretch, but I'm really enjoying hanging out with him and just really get a lot from his energy and conversation.  He has an insanely sexy low voice...and he gets my sense of humor, and plays off of it very well.  Plus I love how spontaneous he is...he'll just grab me and kiss me when we're just standing talking...or as I'm showing him around my house.  It's so hot.

In other news...I am finally getting my passport.  It should be on its way to me soon.  I may be the last person in my area without one...but that's short lived.  I am highly considering a trip up to Canada as a celebratory..."Look What I Can Do" adventure.  I have a few acquaintances that have offered to show me around and help me figure out what to see and I think it would just be a great break from the norm and something I really need right now.  We'll see...but from what I can tell the guys up in Toronto are HOT as all hell...seriously, HOT!  I may be a canadian by the time I get back...married, and ready to pack the boys and head north.

Ok, so...more chores tonight since I went for beers with a friend last night.  Then the gym once the post work crowd clears out.  Should be a good evening.  :-)  - Rin

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