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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hump Day

What a hump literally felt like a lump in the week.  I just couldn't get motivated today.  I did accomplish stuff at work, and around my house this morning, but I just felt like a weight has been following me around all day.  Home now, walked the the rain...and now just contemplating the gym tonight, or working out at home.  I ran almost 7 miles last night, so i know i'm not running anything more than a warm up before I lift...but with the weather like it is I was thinking the dog walk could be my warm up and I could just use the free weights I have....ugh, i hate it when I'm so indecisive.  It's not my style.

I sometimes think that just the time driving to and from the gym is good for me...just free time to drift and not be thinking about the clothing that needs folded, the closet that needs reorganized, or the painting that needs hung.  Jesus I have a lot of random projects!!!  I need a honey to help do my list.  Gah.

So, I guess I'm going to the gym...yes, the gym.  Gotta feed my boys, get them settled, then head out.
These pics really make me want to have someone to sleep in with and just snuggle all night.  I wasn't going to happy hour this friday, but i most likely will rethink that plan.  lol.

Peace - Rin

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