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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Date Night :-)

Date number two with a beautifully sweet and hot guy.  Date number two is always so interesting, don't you think.  It's like the make or break date.  Date one you can still kinda have things that you still wanna know afterwards and there's still a chance that maybe your first impression was a good or bad way.  But date two...I feel like it is that hump that you either slide down and keep rolling, or you just can't get yourself over.  I remember my first date with my ex...eclectic coffee shop in the gayborhood of San Diego. The second date is foggier, but i'm pretty sure it was a wine tasting with his room mate and his room mate's girlfriend.  They are now married with a child, two cats, and an English Bulldog.  Wedded bliss I assume.

 I'm back on the scene and to be honest, loving every minute.  Sure there are lonely nights...and nights when all I wanna do is curl up on the couch with a guy and fall asleep in his arms.  But, the freshness of each meeting and each glance right making me see the world in a whole new light. Also, I am carrying with me a hell of a lot more confidence than i had 8 years ago.  My friends this weekend, who are all happily married, pointed out that being single in your 30's is so much more fun than your 20's.  I have so much more knowledge of life and ability to cut to the point and not fuck around with asshats.  Plus...I have a bit more means to make dating fun.  I have my own make second dates...or third dates even more fun.  :-)  And I'm just in a more balanced place with who I am, what I want to accomplish in life, and where I see myself.  And having that makes finding the right person seem more feasible...and walking away from the wrong person that much easier!

So, that's where I stand.  Waiting for my date to show up so we can head to dinner.  Our first date was a beer date and a stroll around town.  Ended in a great hug and a soft kiss...with a bit more kissing just before he drove off.  I'm looking forward to tonight and by his sweet and heartfelt texts this week...he is too.  Here's to getting over the hump and enjoying the ride.  No, I am not being dirty...but obviously I noticed the pun.


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