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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sleepover Survival!

So, in anticipation of the storm I invited Mr. over for a hurricane sleepover.  We had planned a night out on the town, but in thinking the storm would hit mid-night out, we thought it would be best to stick close to home and stay in.  I was stocked and he loved the idea that I got stuff to make s' the sterno came out after dinner and we sat on my couch and roasted marshmallows in my living room.  It was delish, as was the company.  He's so freaking sweet and hot that I can't even comprehend it all.  He brought this gorgeous flower arrangement and it's just stunning.  Like a centerpiece at the trendiest place in town. So cute.

Anywho, we chatted into the night and had midnight dessert, ginger peach crisp & ice cream on my bed watching out the window at the storm.  Yes storm...very over rated as there was about as many leaves down as there were a few weeks ago when we had a storm...not a hurricane.  Although it will be nice to have a case of water bottles in my car, I feel relieved I was not one of the hordes of people flocking to the store and stocking up on ridiculous shit they'll never use.  We didn't even lose power at my house.  I swear my condo was built to withstand a war...didn't lose anything in the earthquake, and it held firm last night.  Although a glass full of water did fall off the nightstand, but that was our fault.  :-)

So, today I am kinda just in a state of mental bliss.  Just really trying to soak it all in and figure it all out.  It's been so long since I've had these giddy feelings that are actually based on a consistent and responsive guy actually openly saying he likes me. It's refreshing.  And I love it!  And on top of things he's so freaking fun to be with...and killer on the eyes!  That's where I am now...gonna head out to the trail for a run, since my gym closed until tomorrow for the "hurricane".  Grr...I called and they still didn't open despite the lack of actual reason to close.  So, trail run it is.

Namaste bitches - Rin

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