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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Bears, Oh My!

How do we get hit with an earthquake and a hurricane in one week?  I blame the Tea Party.  lol...well, if I actually cared about politics...I'd probably blame someone, so why not them.  Crazy week as usual, but I just was drained and couldn't even figure out what to post.  I'm really wearing down at work with the crazy owner still showing up everyday and acting like nothing is going on in the background.  No one is talking as to when the courts will make their final decision and when the split will actually happen.  It's getting painful and I'm beginning to no long have the ability to cover up my feelings at work and keep my mouth shut.  When you're exhausted, it's hard to just smile and play along.  Plus, I have no desire to give him the pleasure of thinking that he belongs there when he so clearly tried to wipe us out.  But that's work...and it's Saturday, so lets move one.

I'm stocked and ready for whatever Irene brings my way.  My dogs have food, I have water, and I have lots of good healthy snacks, and a few basic comfort foods too.  The guy I've been on a few dates with and I had planned a real date night on the town tonight, but in respect of the oncoming weather system, we thought we better stay close to home and play it safe.  I'm still not sure what we'll do, go out or stay in...but I know that it's officially been labeled a "Hurricane Sleepover".   I get chills thinking about being wrapped up in his arms and just waking up next to him.  I'm so addicted to the whole cuddling and snuggling, and considering the weather...I'll be even more in the mood to spoon!  I haven't felt like this about someone in a very long time, so I'm trying to stay level headed and keep my wits about me...but it's hard.  I'm a Taurus, my passion gets the best of me.

My dogs adore him, and he is so comfortable with them and not bothered when they're at their craziest.  Which is so nice.  When I have to take them on a quick potty walk when he's here, he insists on going and enjoys it.  I'm not used to that.  I used to have to drag my ex with me...and when he did go, there was always some issue to complain about.  So, I can't help but really hope that we continue to spend time together as I am really excited to get to know him better, meet his friends, and see where things go.  Even his smell turns me on...and makes me a bit nutty!  :-)  I think the fact that I am in such a better place with myself, and I'm feeling like I'm actually on my way to reaching some life long goals with my health and self image, that having someone like him there to reinforce that in such a natural and sincere way is truly a gift.  I'm grateful for whatever time I get with him!  His creativity and relaxed spirit are intoxicating.

So, here's to a great evening and what I hope to be a start to something special...along with surviving a hurricane at the same time.  What a story to tell the grandkids the god children maybe more like it.  I'm in the spirit of kissing and just staring into his here's a few inspiration pics.  Hope you enjoy and have a safe night if you're in the eye of the storm.  Hunker down, and get down!  - Rin

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