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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hump Day

While my love life begins to is beginning to irritate the shit out of me.  There is still no resolution to the owners and they continue to work around each other like it's at all feasible for their staff to continue to work with such a unending rift.  The guy who so obviously wants out and did his best to take us down is now back acting like business as usual...and getting comfy.  It's grating to everyone, and considering I'm the channel between the owners and the staff, it's beginning to really get to me.  I'm not willing to let it effect me like it has in the past, so I'm beginning to consider alternative career paths.  Keeping my eyes open, and my ears peeled.  It's stress no one needs, especially when so much else in my life is going so right.  Can't I get a break and have all my pieces working in harmony...for at least a bit?

So, on to what's working.  The Mr. is more amazing than ever.  Charming me with another gorgeous flower arrangement and meeting some of my work friends at a happy hour.  We communicate on such a level that we can totally understand what each other is saying with so few's so refreshing.  He's so vibrant and aware of life and the gifts that are out there, that it's completely rubbing off on me.  I'll be meeting a big group of his friends next that will be an exciting step.  My friends loved him...and the lesbians want him to father their child. Of course they are forbidden to speak of that until we're sharing beers and its far down the which time I will again insist that they mustn't make the statement at all like they are serious, even though they most likely are.  Silly Lesbians!

So, i'm doing laundry...and catching up on bills so I can start the month on a good step.  Getting things done so I can enjoy the weekend.  Happy to just be home on Hump Day and know that I only have two more days  at work.  And a short work week next week!!!

Cheers...and queers. - Rin

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