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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday was a weird day.  With the earth shaking all along the East Coast...and everyone here not used to it, the day just felt off.  No damage at home or work, so I was grateful for that.  My dogs faired well and after a long walk in the woods they seemed to relax and were not more needy than normal.  The folks at work that have not lived on the West Coast were very frazzled...immediately wanting to run out the door for fear of aftershocks.  The psychologist in me likes to sit and watch peoples reactions, how they feed off of those around them, and how they seem to work each other into a tizzy.  Meanwhile, life must go on.  And newsflash folks, if there is ever an actual disaster in the aren't going to be getting through on your cell phone reliably.

Anywho, just another day today.  Walked the trail and could have even had a sweatshirt and jeans on...but I'm still in shorts, t, and flip flop mode.   I usually am in that mode a few walks in until my toes go numb and I realize I'm just being stubborn.  Good news about today is that I'm having dinner with that dreamy dude...I guess this would be date 4.  Eeek, I'm making dinner.  Which I know how to do luckily, but the added desire to make something that he really enjoys, without any input or requests, is a bit stressing.  I baked peach crisps last night in individual ramekins...with gingersnaps ground down and mixed into the crumb topping.  I know he likes peaches because we shared one the other night, and I know he likes ginger because we had thai food with it in.  So, all I'm hoping is he likes the main course.  :-) Hoping for nice weather so I can fire up the lesbo grill and cook on my patio.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

Ok, must feed the boys, shower, and get to the office.  Hope everyone's Wednesdays are delightful and rumptastic.  These boys below sure do have milkshakes that bring all the boys to the yard!  - Rin

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