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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Supper

So, quite a low key weekend for me.  Got a lot of stuff accomplished...with zero nights in the bar, on a dance floor, or groggy mornings. Did some house stuff, shopped for a new hand blender, and caught up with some old friends and made a few new ones.  Shopped for a new tv twice this weekend...still didn't come home with one.  Finally narrowed it down today and when the salesman checked they were out of stock.  Doh!  I almost bumped up to the next size up in the same model, just to walk out the door with something, but ended up composing myself long enough to get out of the store without buying erratically.  I think if I had gotten the bigger size it would have been way too much for my room and floor layout.  Great for the next house, but by then tv's will be making you espresso and massaging your I'll want to upgrade anyway.  I think I also like having a second pair of eyes with me for big purchases...just to say, yes, you're not getting duped into a shitty deal.  So, maybe next time i'll drag a lesbian or a gaybor along just to get that extra push.

This morning I got up, walked my boys, brought them home, and then ran the trail alone for almost 5 miles.  I definitely know I need to get some outdoor running time if I plan on doing a half marathon in November.  So, I thought today would be a good day.  I also was thinking I needed to save the drive time to and from the gym to be sure I could get to the grocery store and farmers market before they cleared it all out.  Trader Joes has the most amazing seasonal ice cream flavors ever...if you have a trader joes, and like ice cream...try them.  The fall pumpkin is amazing, but the lemon gingersnap cookie they have right now is so delicious I could scream.  I have to limit myself to one scoop in a juice that I don't get overwelmed and kill my diet/workout benefits...but it's so worth the slight bump I need to do to burn it off.

Now I'm waiting on a friend to do his chores and come over for a movie.  It would have been better on the new tv...but oh well, next time.  Hoping for a good week at work, and not so many sightings of the crazy ass part owner who has reentered the business after 7 months of complete absence and inactivity.  The next court date is next week, so here's to hoping we get some actual final resolution to the dissolving of the corporation he's involved with so we can just roll everything over into the one we've created in the mean time. Get him out of the picture finally!  Such a negative is actually slower days here's in the office, like an black omen is letting out clients know not to come that day.  Lucky them...we all have to come.  I miss him being gone and actually excited to go into work in the morning.  Hoping those days return very soon.

Here's good mix of Meat & Potatoes for dinner...hope to get a good mix of this on my trip out of town next week too!  :-)  Rin

Meat #1

Potatoes #1

Meat #2

Potatoes #2

Meat #3

Potatoes #3

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