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Saturday, July 30, 2011

HUNGover (slightly)

Well, intentions are always only as good as your will power to follow-through and clearly last night I was in no way capable of not getting a bit tipsy.  I wasn't smashed, but certainly not the 2 drink happy hour I had planned to have.  It was a crazy hectic day and i think the exhaustion of it all just got me to the bar a few more times than planned.  My iPhone crapped out yesterday morning, wouldn't charge, wouldn't sync, and was slowly breathing its last breath.  I had just enough time to email all of my contacts to myself.  Unfortunately I hadn't sync'd it to my new I lost everything else.  grrr.  I ended up upgrading to the 4...even though I know that in a month they'll have the 5, and i'll be annoyed again.  But I didn't have much choice.

So, after finished at the apple store I ran over to my tattoo parlor and we worked up the final design for my thigh piece.  It's insanely gorgeous!  I'm so excited.  Once the redness goes down and it settles up a bit, I'll share a picture.  After that I came home, walked my boys, and then hit Happy Hour with my gaybor.  He was on fire...making out with different boys at every turn.   I think I kinda was in a weird mood being rushed through the whole day and I just was kinda milling about people watching.  Ran into some friends and then swapped bars.  All in all a fun night.  We went through the drivethru on the way home for a snack and we tried to pay for it with condoms we picked up on the way out of the bar.  The restaurant staff was dying laughing.  Luckily they were in a good mood.  :-)

I got a lot of errands done today...need to do a bit more tomorrow...and hit the gym.  I'm home tonight, pondering making a nice dinner for myself...or just doing something easy cuz why bother. Quiet night in.
So, not horribly hungover, more tired from a week I hope not to repeat.  Going to enjoy some downtime and not stress about being unproductive tonight.

And now for something I wish I was enjoying after dinner...a Hung one.  :-)

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