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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays

Where the hell did the year go...and yes, I know that makes me sound old and crotchety, but seriously!  I love Fall, but the fact that it's almost September and I definitely should have either picked jeans or a sweatshirt this morning for my dog hike means that somehow I've blinked and it's almost gingerbread latte time.  I haven't even savored my first pumpkin spice of the season and it feels like I missed it.  Although I've been so good at only getting iced coffee all summer, the guilt of a pumpkin spice latte may throw me over board...with sinful glee that is.  :-)

I can't stop thinking about how great the weekend was.  Sunday afternoon we chatted and ended up having dinner together and hanging out most of the evening.  It was just icing on an already delightful and insanely stunning cake.  And on top of me being completely  dogs adore him too.  When he came back to my place to meet up before we went for dinner, they freaked out with I haven't seen them do in a long time (mostly because I'm trying to train them to be calm with guests), but I just let them bounce and bark with joy because they were just displaying a mirror image of what I was feeling too.  It's funny how much dog's can pick up on and how unreserved they are about showing their emotions.  Kinda wish life didn't zap that out of us.

Anywho, my work peeps planned a happy hour tonight after work...and Mr. will be joining me and meeting the crew.  I know he can hang, and was thrilled he so willingly accepted the invite.  I'm excited for him to meet them, and vice verse. Although not everyone is gonna be there, at least he'll get an initial idea and meet some of them.

I've gotta finish my coffee, figure out breakfast, and feed the boys...then off to the office.
It's gonna be a fun Tuesday for sure.  - Rin

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